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My Accutane Journey As An Athlete - Week 2



Description -

So this week my skin started off with many painful cysts, but by now there's nothing except a red mark on my jawline. I got this huge pimple near my armpit -_-, which was where my shingle scars were; so it was very painful. I had neck pain for a few days, it would go away as I ran. In addition, I have worsening back pain and I have noticed that it hurts the most when I lie. Which gets in the way when I try to do ab workouts, but it haven't affected when I run.

Side Effects -

- Neck pain that went away on about day 11th

- Back pain that keeps worsening, feels the worst when I lie down

- Dry eyes, lips, and skin (less severe than last week)

- More black heads on my nose

- WAY less facial oil, still a lot though

- Edge of my lip cracked for one day

- Little bit of flaking

Advice -

- Drink tons of water, really helped my dryness

- Try sleeping early, my painful cysts would die down quickly if I got 8-9 hours of sleep

- Since its break, which means no stress, I got less pimples

Skin This Week -

- 5-7 cysts, but overall pretty good skin

- At this moment, there are no painful pimples anywhere

- First pimple near my armpit

Questions -

- Now that my eyes are dry, I can't wear contacts for too long. However, my face is still too oily for glasses (slips down due to the oil). Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Putting eye drops didn't help

- Any medicine that will help with my back pain?


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