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So far I've been getting one new pimple a day. I haven't gotten one new pimple every day in along time so I'm at a loss as to what's causing it. Maybe purging from the oil cleansing method. Maybe it's still from my over-peeling. And what sucks is I'm breaking out everywhere. usually i'm confined to the cheeks (lately I've gotten it down to only my right cheek) but now my forehead, chin and both cheeks are getting pimples. Hate that. I've gotten my left cheek pretty much under control. I mean I rarely get pimples on my left side anymore. I don't know how I fixed it, it just happened lol. Usually my chin and forehead are not troubled but they are both getting consistently clogged.

I did my usual oil cleansing tonight only left out the steaming as I don't want to steam too much and instead I used it as a pre-cleanse and followed with my sulfur soap.

I woke up this morning thinking, "wow, redness has greatly reduced!" So I was happy about that but a couple pimples seemed to sprout throughout the day. Ugh.

I took two doses (morning and night) of my acne pills. It seems every time I've taken these they have helped so I'm trying to stay on them. They fight acne in three ways, cleanse body of toxins, regulate hormones and support the skin. They have tons of great ingredients in them and I hope they will help over the next few days in calming these little pimples. I've got a trail, literally a trail, leading down the right side of my nose. Every day is a new pimple below the previous one. Don't know whats happening.

I also worked out today. Sweated more than I have in months. I was super tempted to pour on the facial mask tonight but I refrained and simply splashed lavender oil on my face. Stay away from over medicating..I must resist.

We will see how my face looks tomorrow.


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