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Tetralysal 300Mg (One A Day)....



Week 4:

I have to start, of course, by saying I hope everyone has had a great Xmas!

Also, sorry I have not added for 2 weeks but I was involved in a car accident (not my fault I must add!) completely lost my car in the crash and came away battered and bruised but I'm much better now! Was lucky to walk away! Phew!

Anyway, just in to my fourth week of the antibiotics (300mg a day) and Vitamin B5 complex (2-3 grams a day). Overall there has been a definite improvement. Still getting the odd lump forming but mostly on my forehead.

My chin is improving the most. This was the area effected the worst at the beginning and wasn't getting any better without meds. Since the antibiotics the lumps have got smaller and seem to have gone hard. They're pretty numb to touch but my Dermo says this is mostly scar tissue causing the numbness and making them harder. He reassured me that this will eventually dissolve but will possibly leave a scar under the skin. I remember the scarring from 8 years ago being under the skin but not visible at all, just felt like little firm areas when pressing my face in the old effected areas. Unfortunately the scarring is inevitable when the lumps and acne are so severe....

My cheeks are getting there, less pain and overall I'm slowly seeing smoother, better skin.

As a whole, my skin seems to be less dry (excluding my forehead at the moment) but the redness and general appearence of the acne has improved a lot since my last lot of pictures just two weeks ago! :)

Went to see my Dermo on the 20th December who reassured me that the antibiotics are getting to work and things are looking better, which boosted my confidence and helped me see it in a different light. A lot of my friends and family are commenting on the improvement too, so I'm pretty optimistic right now. The Dermo has prescribed me more antibiotics and made an appointment for a review in February 2012 to give the meds more time to work. He has also found my old notes from the initial break out 8 years ago (!) and it has been confirmed I am back on the same meds that cured it back then! He did say the stress of my accident could over rule the meds for a while and my skin could relapse, but fingers crossed I didn't work myself up too much at the time! Feeling much better about my skin and have restored my faith in antibiotics.

Also, I think the vitamin B5 complex has assisted well with my progress and I will be slowly increasing my dosage next week to 3-4 grams a day to see if there is any difference. Obviously I shall let you all know! Would highly recommend the B5 complex to any acne sufferer - I noticed a difference with in a week. Initially improved with the dryness of my skin and smaller spots, but I can confidently say it has helped with everything else the longer I took it for. Some people reviewed this in a way that it effected all sorts negatively, such as dry and thin hair, extra trips to the toilet, and even hair loss! I consulted my Dermo regarding these issues and he safely said that these side effects are purely because of people "mega-dosing" by taking upto or over 10 grams a day! He also said that investigation has proven that hair loss/damage is caused by the abnormally high intake of the binding agent used in the vitamins. He advised that anything between 1 to 6 grams of B complex is pretty safe even though the label advises only 1 gram (apparently this is for people who take vitamins purely to maintain a healthy balance and lifestyle - not to improve skin/hormones etc - it is just an advisory for legal reasons).

Either way, I'm very pleased to say that I'm improving slowly but surely and I'm over joyed at the results so far. It doesn't look half as shocking and obvious anymore. My skin is smoother and I seem to be getting a normal skin tone back. Hopefully many more advantages to come!

Thank you to all those who have read through my blog and viewed my pictures so far. I would like to say an even bigger thank you to those who have messaged me/commented with well wishes, advise and their own stories etc. I'm still researching a lot of your suggestions and recommendations but I shall keep you posted on it all! Such a positive feeling and general reassurance!

As ever, the fingers are still crossed for both me and everyone else suffering with skin problems. I just hope that everyone finds a solution because like with everything we come across, there is all ways an answer - it's just keeping the patience to find it!

Take care everyone and thanks again.

Merry Xmas and a happy new year to all! :)

H. x


Recommended Comments

Wow, sorry to hear about the accident and all, glad you're OK!

Seems like your skin's improving and it's awesome that people around you are noticing those positive differences as well. Even if there's still a way to go, that's great because their comments show you that you are at least heading in the right direction and I'd imagine that the boost of confidence is most welcome. 

It's funny how we can end up going back around on the medications. I took Doxycycline about ten years ago and that's what I'm taking again now, albeit a higher dosage. Working great at the moment. Well, I guess it's a combination of everything I do working together. Whatever it is, just hope it continues.  

Even if you have had to try other stuff and struggle before getting to this point and repeating certain things again, the main thing now is that it all brings you a step closer to fixing it and there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

Fingers crossed that things keep improving for you, Holly! :)

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