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Giving Up Products



The picking I can handle. Day 2 and I lived through an entire day with two whiteheads on my face. I wasn't much embarrassed, especially since they aren't too big and they covered pretty easily. But I can't remember the last time (If EVER) that I have allowed that. Whitehead? Pop that demon.

Tonight I did pop one tiny baby whitehead between my eyebrows. I did it very gently, using the needle technique, and then immediately covered it with a mixture of 10% bp and lavender oil. If it spreads to anything else I will be surprised.

After my oil cleansing method (which I'm liking so far. Face is overall a better tone. Less redness. Less sickly looking skin), I admit I did spot treat using that bp/lavender oil mixture. Wondering how that'll help. I seriously have the hardest time not putting acne products on my face. I feel like I'm about to explode (acne explosion, literally). And it's not that I don't want to use products AT ALL, it's just I have this big tendency to overuse products or use too many at a time.

I do have a single new (tiny) pimple on my nose and I believe it's from me scratching off dry skin. It's tiny though and has already formed a head so I just spot treated it and hope it will be improved by morning.

So, do whiteheads just dry up on their own? I've always popped them so I don't know.

Anyways, I used to think my skin was pretty tough. I used to think my skin wasn't sensitive. But now, I'm truly wondering if I'm more sensitive than acne-prone. Ok, sensitive-acne-prone. As in, if I get irritated, I get pimples. But do I have acne? I've always thought so. I'm thinking maybe, just maybe...I don't. Maybe I'm just on a vicious cycle of constant self-irritation (with the picking, popping, over cleansing, etc) which hasn't allowed my skin to heal in the past 4 years. I believe all the pimples on my face (except MAYBE two which I hardly even think about) are caused by irritation. In fact I know they are. I over exfoliated. Over exfoliating for me is HORRIBLE. H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E. That's when I get the worst breakouts. At first, I manually over exfoliated. This time, I chemically over exfoliated. I need to find what's best for me and my sensitive skin.

Hmm..over-exfoliating is when I get the worst breakouts. Over-exfoliating is irritation. So irritation causes my worst breakouts. Interesting. :)

Well folks, I just wanted to update and try to stay on top. Right now my face status is:

Tiny whitehead between the eyebrows (popped and believed to be healing)

Healing cyst under eye

Two baby whiteheads on right side of nose

Two small whiteheads on left side of nose.

One white head above lip on left side

One healing pimple below lip on left side.

One pimple on similar sides of lower cheek, both right and left.

Merry Christmas! :D


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