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Jingle Bells...




the most

woooondeerful tiiime

of the yeeeaaarrrrrrrr...

So ive literally had nothing

of importance to tell you.. still actually

dont hehe

skins doing ok, broke out a bit since my

last update but still manageable with BP and regimen.

stopped taking zinc and havnt been drinking much water

but otherwise im beinggood with washing properly etc.

I finished my job

which is just groovy, time to chill and enjoy

time out with hubby. Lots of dates with friends and family

over this time... lots of gammon and roast beed yummmmy

:) how i love

my food hey!done with the Christmas Shopping now as well

( just a couple more things to get)

kept it small this year, nothing big for anyone...

Oooh im excited to see what im getting from hubby, think its jewellery but not sure

yet!How i love the gifts etc, but of course im fully aware

and more excited about the greatest gift of all and thats

Gods love for us and the amazing birth of His son


for the 6th year

now Christmas

has a new

meaning for me

, as great as

the rest of it is

mmm what else can i report... got a wikicool pair of wedges ( well i love em anyway) and of course candystriped for Christmas day


and other than that been enjoying the Christmacy music and decorating my preeety tree :)

lovng having hubby on leave now till 9 Jan so we can get some picnics and dates in.

Well heres wishing you all a blessed FUN sAfE hOLIdAY! A wonderful Christmas and New year.



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Those wedges are so cute, I want some!! And they're striped like candycanes; very seasonal! Shoe envy.

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