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I Feel Like Such A Traitor!



So I let my success with Accutane keep me away from Acne.org. Once my skin began to clear up I totally stopped posting and I apologize for that. As you can see I am back. Why am I back? Because my acne is back. After I finished Accutane (April 2011) my skin looked beautiful. I still had some scarring, but for the most part I was completely clear. My derm put me back on Retin-A for maintenance purposes. That worked for awhile but about a month ago, I started breaking out like crazy. Excuse my french but the Retin-A wasn't doing shit! Oh Accutane you bitch, how could you do me like this? I was doing so well.

So I actually stopped the Retin-A and I am currently using Tazorac cream .05% and Clyndamycin Lotion. I am on my second week, and I will say that my skin looks really, really smooth, but I am breaking out places I do not normally break out! When I started Taz/Clynd I had about 9 actives on my forehead. Now I have 1 on my forehead, I have 2 under my chin (never broke out there before!), and one on the side of my nose, which is another place I don't break out. So currently I have 4 actives, which seem to actually be healing pretty quickly.

Oh and on a side note, the Accutane made my skin look amazing but after I got off (maybe about 3 mos later) I had tons of holes in my face. My pores were really huge, which was kind of dissapointing because I looked pretty flawless when I first got off.

So anyway back to the Tazorac. So I'm in my 2nd week. Going pretty good. A little dryness but I have always had weird skin that's dry/oily but not really combo skin (really weird to describe). Also I just got a clarisonic which I absolutely love! I have always had this problem with retinoids where no matter how much moisturizer I use, I have these flaky patches all around my mouth which is both disgusting and embarrasing. I haven't had this problem since I started using my clarisonic!

Ok so my current regimen


Wash w/ Purity Cleanser w/Clarisonic

Clyndamycin Lotion

CeraVe Lotion (or Cream depending on how dry I am) mixed w/ a little Jojoba

MAC Pressed Powder NC40


Wash w/ Purity Cleanser w/Clarisonic

Clyndamycin Lotion

CeraVe Lotion (or Cream depending on how dry I am) mixed w/ a little Jojoba (Wait 20 mins)

Tazorac Cream

I'm also using Organic Raw Honey every other day after I wash my face in the morning as a mask. I wear it for about 30 mins. It really helps with the dryness from the Tazorac, makes my skin really really soft, and it's supposed to be good for killing bacteria.

So far I am really liking the Tazorac. After I got off Accutane, when I would use my powder it would kind of settle into my pores and make them look really noticeable. Since I have been using the Taz my powder goes on really really smooth and I don't look like a grease monkey by the end of the day.

Will keep you posted, and thanks for reading.

Oh something I just thought about....don't you absolutely hate when people say "OMG I have a pimple!" You have ONE pimple!! Try having a face FULL of pimples and see how you like that!!!!!!!!!!!! Or people who tell you, oh you should try this or that, ok hello. People with acne have tried tons of things. If it were that simple we wouldn't have acne! Do you really think that I actually CHOOSE to look like this?????? Really????

Sorry just my rant for the day! angry.png

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Pity that the Accutane didn't work for you, but maybe that's something you could go back to at a later date, and it certain;y sounds like you're getting to grips with your new regimen so that's good. Fingers crossed that it goes well for you.

No need to apologise by the way. Some people don't stick around once they sort things out. Maybe that's what works for them, like a total new start or whatever. Besides, the Org's always here for advice and support and so on, regardless of whether people stick around or how often they contribute, so it's all good!

What you said about people freaking out about a single pimple made me laugh. It's funny because it's true! I've had plenty of moments like that and always ended up thinking, 'You're just lucky that one pimple is all you get - people could play connect the dots with my face sometimes!' :lol:

It frustrates me at the time and it's awkward if they're trying to talk to me about it, but I have to laugh it off eventually because it's not worth wasting energy on. I totally know what you mean though.


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