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Day 7 - Week 1 Over



so week 1 is over! I am pretty enthusiastic, despite the acne still being more of the same. christmas is coming, which means being around family and new people seeing my horrible skin. excited to see family, but not excited about that second part.

I just got a humidifier, so I set that up today and hopefully that'll help with some of the dryness.

I'm posting more pictures just to really show how bad it is.

I'm getting a lot more cystic stuff, and a lot of those pesky postules that are so tempting to just pop. I'm really tempted to go to my dermotogolist to get some shots for the big bumps so they're easier to cover-up with makeup.


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You're showing great self control with not popping. I'm in awe of your discipline...way to go!

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All credit to you for not popping. I'm terrible for it and struggle to leave even the smallest of pimples alone, and I'm often likely to go looking for stuff. I reckon I could learn from you! Here's hoping your restraint pays off. I certainly think that it helps to stop spread infection and breaking that cycle can only be a good thing. Keep that enthusiasm going as well, that's half the battle! :)

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