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Day 9 - Lips Starting To Get Dry



My lips are drying out! It's starting to feel uncomfortable when I don't put anything on my lips. That's the only legit side effect I have so far biggrin.pngbiggrin.png Also, should I buy Aquaphor or Bag Balm? I already have a mini sample of Aquaphor but I've heard great things about both. What worries me is the fact that Aquaphor's main ingredient is petroleum and mineral oil. Someone told me that petroleum dries out the lips even more in the long run. Basically it just coats the lips but doesn't really moisturize. Any thoughts?

The itchy scalp thing I had for like 2 days is gone. Head and shoulders took care of it! Also my hair is still making a regular amount of oil.

Another minor/random/weird side effect I've been experiencing a little is a prickly itch on my back. The oil on my back has decreased, but it's not dry. However a couple times I felt a weird prickly sensation on my back and makes it want to itch it right away.. it's strange haha.

Oil production on my face is doing down, yay! Still getting shiny though. I don't really have dry skin, but sometimes flaky/dry patches where pimples are healing and I just put Aquaphor on those.

Skin looks kinda bad. Still getting a lot of pimples. They have been flaring up into bigger sized ones for the past few days, possibly because of lack of sleep/midterms stress. But they've been surfacing faster than before I started Accutane! I'll be thankful for that.

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Hello!! Well I have been using Aquaphor and my lips have been doing just fine! I would stick to that while your on accutane, and then maybe switch when your off if your worried about the dryness in the long run. Anywho glad to hear your progress is going good :)

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