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Week 5! Accutane



I feel like I'm getting all my side-effects under control!!

I celebrated my birthday about a week ago, my boyfriend took me to disneyland so I was off accutane for about 3 days (I knew I couldn't be in the sun/dry air while on active accutane) and I really didnt have a problem at all!

I use aquaphor like no other. At nighttime I spread it on my face and it stops allll peeling from happening. I also use it on my lips. If I ever get cracks(I haven't gotten one for a bit now) I use this stuff called Bag Balm. Its in a green container and I got it at Walgreens. Seriously AMAZING!

Acne wise, I still have dots and my face is SUPER red. I cant really distinguish which is acne and which is red marks at this point because my whole face is also more flushed.

I developed a rash, but my doctor gave me a really strong cream to use against it and it cured it all! My dermatologist also suggested I move my dosage up to 60 from 40, but I said no to this month because it is finals week(hell week) and i have a lot of stress from all that. I am thinking about doing that next month, but I am terrified about the side effects flaring up!!

I really don't have bad acne right now, its just lots of red and some pimples. (making my coverup not match as well -__- )

I hope everyone is doing well!!!

p.s. girls! do you have a foundation that works well for you???? Right now I use Clinique but it really isnt matching due to the redness

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In your opinion, which one is better for moisturizing lips, Aquaphor or Bag Balm? Someone told me that because Aquaphor's main ingredient is petroleum, it will actually dries out lips in the long run. In other words, it just coats the lips but doesn't actually moisturize. Thanks so much!

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