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Week 6: So Much Better




So after a stressful finals week and breakout in Week 5 I am very happy to say I haven't gotten any new acne since then. It has been 7 days and so far no new acne or even signs of new acne. I still have some spots healing up, I have noticed it takes some spots a lot longer to heal up because they dry out and just stay there. Still better then not having any new spots. I actually went to the gym yesterday and did not care as much that people would be looking at the spots. I went to dentist appointments with little cover up on. I still have very marked skin but I think in time they will heal. I have been taking 60 mg since Saturday. Just a brief update.

Breakouts so far:

Week 3 and 5

Side effects:

My skin flushes really easily, as soon as I get a headache I get very red. Dry skin. Dry lips. Back pain.


20 mg in the morning

40 mg at night

Best of luck to everyone :)



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