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Week4: A Little Bit Of Faith



I counted my pimples on my face today and there are at least 12. The breakout started about 3 days ago and keeps coming. It looks just like my pre-accutane breakouts, but they aren't as quite as painful as they used to be. I got a taste of semi-clear skin for the first 3 weeks (I only had one, or two or three pimples at the same time), but now the acne is back. My period started and the acne came along with it on my chin, the sides of my nose and my forehead, just like it has been. I'm trying to tell myself that this happens on Accutane and this is probablly the IB or a pre-IB, but the nagging fear of "what if Accutane doesn't work at all for me, " keeps popping into my mind.

And since I have more pimples, I'm picking and squeezing much more which is disappointing me quite a bit since I'm trying to break that bad nervous habbit.

Ok, that feels better to get that off my chest.

Now on with the update...

Dr. Dermo upped me to 60 mg (20mg morning/40mg evening) and I start that dosage tomorrow. The lips are definitely drying and peeling and my skin is starting to look dry and flakey. I was a little surprised that Dr. Dermo said I'd be on Accutane for a total of 5-6 months (I was thinking I'd hit my cummulative does at 4-5 months instead). I'm going to keep track of my cummulative dose and if it gets up to the recommended dose and he wants me to continue, I'm going to need to hear some very good and provable reasons.

So many unknowns with this drug that I just have to stop worrying and have a little faith that it will work for me.


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