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A Wee Bit Bored, Thought I'd Update



Shmelllo everyone,

Today is day nine of my accutane journey! Not sure if that "initial breakout" is just taking a bit longer than I anticipated or if I am somehow of a superhuman breed who takes to accutane after the first pill. hahhaha Yaaaa, probably not, but hey a girl can paint herself a pretty little picture of a perfect life! Anywho, over the last few days I have had a wee bit of acne popping up nothing painful or as bad as before I started, One...actually two if were being honest..on my back area which I dont much care for since its usually pretty clear back there. I had another white head on my chin...twas not as bad as most. I do have a cyst on the top area of my forehead but not as painful as you'd think from the looks of the planet! Oh and I have cyst on the outer corner of my eye which is super funky but not ultra big. As far as any new zits your all filled in. Now dry scalp on the other hand, thank dear baby jesus that its winter right now, cuz its snowin' like crazy on my shoulder area. Its absolutely itcheriffic.....hmmm i suppose I have stumbled upon a new and totally amazing addition to thee vocab! Cha-ching!! Well being itcheriffic and such , MUST. GO. SHOWER. MUST. REMOVE. ITCHERIFFICNESS. (robot voice if you didnt catch that!) Oh and one last thing, my skin is not dry at all :/ not sure why but hey im not complainin!!

Well thanks for listenin to me blabber on and being a part of the invention of a far too advanced word, that Im sure mankind can't even get a grip on quite yet wink.png

Ciao for now



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Hey, I'm on day three of my accutane right now :)

When did you start seeing the side effects? I haven't felt anything yet, but I need to know when to brace myself !!

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Awesome!!!! Congrats, hope your treatment goes well.

Well I am on day eleven. To be honest, besides my face being clearer..... not a whole lot of side effects yet. I bet you wont see them until the two week mark or so. I do have a stubborn cyst on my forehead that popped up about four days ago, but I usually have more than this at one time and its not as big or painful as they usually are. My lips were just a smidgen dryer than usual but not bad by any means. Oh, and for the past few days my eyes have been kind of a glossy red color, looks like im tired. They have an uncomfortable feeling, but they dont really feel dry. Kinda hard to explain. A bit of dry scalpage going on, but I live in Colorado, so thats pretty normal. I also had a headache when my eyes were hurting yesterday. I put in some drops and about 45 mins later it went away and my eyes felt better! Kinda strange, eh!

I will be posting another update around the 14th day with pics included. Ill keep ya informed with all the lovely puss filled juicy details, dontcha worry hahaha!

keep me posted as well ciao :)

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