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Update- Skin So Red And Puffy!



Hello everyone, good evening.

So last night was pill #9 and I had noticed my skin looking a little red from what I had thought was a sunburn. This morning I woke up to what seemed to be swollen areas on my forehead, especially between my eyebrows (I guess in what they call the T-Zone). When I wrinkle my forehead the wrinkles are super red with white around them, and if I push on them they feel sore and swollen (it's kind of hard to explain). Needless to say I emailed my derm and she told me that redness isn't very common but it can happen with temperature change and wind and being in the sun. I have been inside mostly except for Saturday but it wasn't even that sunny. So she told me I could stop by tomorrow morning or Thursday morning if it doesn't get any better.

I am skipping my accutane pill tonight and hoping that my skin can rehydrate and have a break. The reddest areas are my chin, nose and forehead and they look almost waxy if you get them under the right light. It's like my skin has completely changed and not for the better in my opinion. In addition to being red and swollen-like,, it's also really hot to the touch!

So now I am sitting here wondering what is worse... mild persistent acne or no acne and a bright red face! I know this is probably melodramatic of me but seriously this is crazy! and its uncomfortable!

I did a bunch of googling and read that cortisone can help with the swelling and vitamin e can help with redness and inflammation. So i had both on hand at home and used a little of both so we will see what happens overnight. I can feel my face really drying out and getting really tight when it isn't moisturized. I don't have an opportunity to reapply lotion at work so I am hoping 2x a day is enough. I am also going to try and drink twice as much water as usual to try and keep my skin hydrated and help flush everything out.

So if anyone has any experience with this or is in a similar situation please let me know! Anyone who can offer advice please do!


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How is your skin today?

It almost sounds like an allergic reaction. I've heard of a few people being allergic to accutane. Be careful...Inflammation, swelling, redness are signs of your immune system working....

But those areas are the oiliest, so maybe it's just getting so dry the skin is freaking out? Of course you have to moisturize!! :) I was on accutane and I don't remember this at all. I was on the regimen earlier this year and I can tell you my face had this reaction....and I'm allergic to benzoyl peroxide.

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I am allergic to benzoyl peroxide also! My skin is sooooo much better today, I think you are right in thinking that the oiliest places had the biggest freak out! I kind of underestimated the moisturizing thing so now I am back on track! Thanks so much for my support... wrote a new post today explaining everything I did to combat the problem... how is your skin now?

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