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In Between



Do you know how you get to that point where you're super excited because your skin appears to be finally clear? Well that was me - last week. Right now I have about 6 pimples, 4 on my left temple, 1 above my left eyebrow, and 1 below my left cheek. There is something definitely weird about the left side of my body. It's actually bigger than the right side. As in more muscular, and my left ribs stick out more than my right. Singlets sit slightly off centre. I swear I'm not paranoid. And I don't workout one side more than the other. I AM ASYMMETRICAL!!! *panic attack*...Anyway, I think I've broken out because I've been using less BP. Not purposefully. I'm just running out, and work has not paid me today (I live pay-cheque to pay-cheque!!). So my order will have to wait till tomorrow, and I'll have to buy some super expensive replacement brand in between. Speaking of in between, I just finished watching the Inbetweeners, I never thought I'd say this, but too much of the male appendage in one movie?! But funny, (language warning!) if you like words like gash and pussay you'll feel right at home.

My younger older sister is currently visiting. Well not visiting me of course, but all of her friends. Which really works well for me because I actually can't afford to keep her. But she is staying tonight. When I thought I would have food to feed her. Turns out we'll be gorging on left overs (mmm, honey soy chicken for the third night). She has the opposite personality to me. Think extremely talkative, like loud, obnoxious even, and she likes to remove her clothes at any given drunken occasion (which is awkward when we attend the same parties). She told us at 19 that her life goal was to start pumping out children as soon as possible. However, if the child was disabled she'd simply adopt it out. She currently resides in the small coastal town with my parents (thank goshness), so I don't really have to deal with her. But I've lived with her for 21 years. Surprise surprise, she wants to move back up to Brisbane next year sometime.

I don't know if I can handle it. So much drama. She's good in some ways, like she's clean and very assertive, which does take some responsibility off me, but then I also have to put up with being bossed around, and general loudness/midweek parties/random crying because she's arguing with some friend over this and that. She likes to make friends with drug dealers and start an actual like pot den at our house where everyone can come over, chill and paint. My life always becomes more exciting, but at what cost? WHAT COST! I'm pretty sure her life goal is still something along the lines of hooking a rich husband and becoming someone off Desperate House Wives (her favourite show). Which she has generally tried to do in the past (a string of Engineers). I mean she's pretty enough and her personality is strong enough but come on. Or the other thing that she wants to do is own a clothes store. She buys a dress or two a week. And is still probably indebted to the banks for the 100 dresses she buys a year. It's ridiculous!

Ok, sibling rant over. You'll be pleased to know that my youngest sister is perfectly pleasant. She's just silly. She's quieter, but gets so excited for Christmas that she often spends Christmas Eve vomiting (well at least she did up till age 12). She also calls pillows "pellows", and could never stay at other peoples' places because she got so nervous that she'd have to come home.

Speaking of her, my painting is coming along nicely. I have added several layers of paint to it. I can't believe I thought I'd be able to do 4 paintings for Christmas. I'm now thinking just 2. I'm such a perfectionist that I'll go over a painting about 10 times. Then I'll wake up and decide I hate it and completely paint over it again.

What else has happened? I went to a GAMSAT study group yesterday, and everyone knew everything about all the topics. I hardly spoke, I was so overwhelmed. I couldn't even define an equilibrium. But it has motivated me to study before the next meet.

I've also worked some more. I even did a sleepover last night. I love getting paid to sleep. I think it is my life calling.

I'm also addicted to this song:

The End.

UPDATE (11:30PM): Then there's the nicer moments in life. Where you lose ten dollars that your sister gave you to rent a movie, and your banking system collapses, but she doesn't care and just laughs it off. Where she cooks Chicken Parmigiana (one of my favourites!) for your dinner and you watch a decent movie together and endlessly complain about the parentals together. Maybe living with her wouldn't be that bad...At least on a full stomach (the way to a man's heart, blah blah blah). Night y'all.

EDIT (12:15AM): I was just laying in bed and realised that I Americanised pay cheque (check!!) which is one of my most hated Americanisations (no offense to Americans) because it actually becomes confused with the word check, like I checked the mail. So why did they change it?! Why!


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Yeah, it's sweet. I think it's better than crack. That guitar riff kills me. I can't get it out of my head. They're a local band but I think they'll be even bigger after this second album of theirs.

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Hahaha!! I want to see your asymmetry now!

I want to see The Inbetweeners. I've been watching the series, and although sometimes it's way too cringe-worthy for me (nursing home episode, anyone?!), other times you can't help but laugh.

Wow. Your sister sounds completely different to you, haha! The comment about her removing clothing at any given drunken occasion, and pumping out babies cracked me up! Wow. How did you guys turn out so differently?! Glad she fed you though. Even more glad you corrected the Americanisations (ha, suck on that, Zed-lovers! ;) ) Also, I had chicken parmy for dinner last night... It was delicious! Wednesday = parmy day?

Are we going to get a painting update? Ugh, GAMSAT. Scary.

Mmm... I haven't heard that song before, but I like it! I have a feeling it's going to be one of those songs that grows on me even more, too.

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Lol, it's official Wednesday is parmy day.

Now now, hold ya horses luv (in an Alf [or is it Colleen?] from Home and Away accent)! I will update the painting photos. I fear it may look really different and then no one will like it. Lol. But I'm still yet to add some final layer on (tonight, maybe).

Yes, if you've enjoyed the TV series then you must see it. It certainly has those cringe-worthy moments (I think they've even upped them for the movie) but it's hilarious and well worth the download viewing.

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Schweet! I'm down for that.

I can proudly attest that I've not watched Home and Away (or Neighbours, for our UK friends who seem to be obsessed with it), but I do happen to know who Alf is (I think), and Colleen (screechy voice?) for that matter. Hey, I like progress photos! It's so interesting to see how artists think; the changes you make often say just as much as the final product. Plus I have one very talented friend who constantly paints completely over things I love that she's not happy with, so I never get to see them again!

Yes, I certain shall "view" it, hehehe. Where's your blog entry, hmm??

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Wow, that's actually quite a feat. In your 24 years (?) of existence you've somehow avoided viewing a single episode of Home and Away or Neighbours?! Are you really Australian?

Lol, the blog entry is on its way...

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