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Week 5



ACNE: It just keeps getting better! I'm defiantly still getting some blemishes, but it's all gradually slowing down. Nothing big on my face right now. Just gross white heads and lots of red marks. But really I'm happy. It seems like a certain are of my face will explode and then it's clear. My chin was being the biggest jerk, and now it's all better. I'm hoping it got all the nasty out of it's system? And I'm hoping my cheeks are just pushing everything out and are almost done? It seeeems like its slowing down. I'm pretty sure some of it's my initial breakout. I pray I'm on the tail end of it! Also I'm getting weird hard pimples on my jaw line, but IDGAF because nobody can see them.

SIDE EFFECTS: Im on my way to school and I look down at my hands...they're peeling. EW. Nothing a little lotion didn't fix, but still it wasn't a pleasant sight first thing in the morning. Everywhere is dry dry dry, wouldn't say I care too much right now. Hair shedding has decreased but it's still here to annoy the hell out of me everyday smile.png

HOW I'M FEELIN: GREAT! Sure, I have some pimples poppin up. But I can tell Accutane will work wonders for me. Hopefully sooner rather then later! And it just keeps getting better and SOFTER. I went to the derm, I'm on 20 every day now (I was on 40 every other day). She says this might help with my side effects. I hope so...She also said we probably won't shoot for the mg/kg for my weight thing just because I'm so side effecty. I'm 5"7 and 110 lbs, I think being skinny for my height makes me more sensitive to it. I hope I'll still get clear! My XMAS break is starting soon so I'm pretty excited. I won't have to wear makeup! Most of the time anyway. And I'll be able to moisturize/hydrate constantly.

Sorry to anyone reading this, it's more just for me to get all my thoughts/feeling out in one place. I know I ramble often wink.png


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