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Day 26



Well, today I am staying in and going without makeup to give my skin a chance to breathe.

Juat hope no-one rings the doorbell, well, if they do i'm not answering. Don't think It's done any damage having

foundation on for the last few days but getting the stuff off causes it to become redder than normal so that's not a

good thing........anyway, the weathers awful out there so i'm in the best place.

Only a couple of whiteheads remain around my mouth and chin so that's good. Still a lot of reddness which I'm sure wont

get any better on this drug, not expecting it to, but if it keeps the spots away and smoothes my skin enough to be

able to wear makeup and face the world then I'm happy.

Well, 'till tomorrow........................


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hahha same experience here with putting no makeup on today and not answering the doorbell! Good luck to ya!

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Awww, thankyou, so far, so good, but it could all change in a blink of an eye so not counting my chickens

just yet!!

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