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Day 1 Of Dianette :s



I've read the horror stories, the girl with the black wisdom tooth, the woman whos son is a "dianette baby" even the ones about blood clots, increased risks of cervical cancer however the ones that horrify me most are those of the girls who became chubby!!

I'm hoping that I'll be lucky and just have the clearer skin and bigger boobs :D

I'm 20 a uk size 8 and 5ft 2", never had a weight problem in my life and am naturally quite toned, bra size is 30C. Let's hope only the latter changes!

Never had acne as a child and it sort of crept up on me at 16 and has gradually become worse. I dot have any cysts just about 7 medium size spots and around a gazillion blackheads. Tanning would usually clear my skin up but I don't want to be 30 and look like an old leather boot so thats a habit I'm going to have to give up. My spots never got to me too much as they were coverable with makeup but lately they've gotten worse and then the bacne started. And that was when I was desperate to get something done.

I've had zynerete* and duac* in the past. I've had acid peels and nothing has ever worked. At one point I was even prescribed roccutane* at one point and that also did nothing.

I took the dianette tablet in the night before bed as was suggested by someone on this site as the side affect of having an increased appetite doesn't affect you so much.

Need not have worried about the appetite because I've woken up with a mouth like a nuns VJJ and I'm also incredibly nauseous! Like sea sick. I've read these side affects wear off after the fist few days. Not too sure whether the dry mouth is a direct side affect. But I did drink two bottles of water that evening before bed!!

Although I'm not following the regimen (I know sone of you will curse me for this) I am using an Avene gel facewash as its the best I've come across and an Aknicare moisturiser.

I was also told by a dermatologist to change my pillow case every night to prevent bacteria multiplying on my face and to always sleep with my hair tied back. So this is also part of my routine. Apparently drying with towels can also spread bacteria onto your face and irritate your spots. I've started setting my hair dryer on cool and gently drying my face from a distance. Don't know if this is good for skin or just me being weird either way I'm continuing with it.

Woke up and my skin felt a little less oily I'm unsure whether that's just my mind playing tricks because I'm so desperate for this to work. However I had no new spots which can only be a positive :D


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I've woken up with a mouth like a nuns VJJ
:lol: that made me chuckle!

Last year I went to the doctors when my acne was getting worse. I remember saying "my face is like a waterfall of oil; I wash it and a minute later it's soaking with oil again". I was prescribed Dianette and it stopped the oiliness pretty quickly, I was amazed. I didn't put on any weight but my boobs did get bigger (which was a pretty good side-effect!) However, after being on for so long my boobs don't seem to be affected anymore *sigh* Hope all works out for you!

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I've been on birth control for EVER. Long time. 9 years? Anyways, when I was off birth control my skin went BERZERK. So I'm stuck. I actually lost a lot of weight (for me 5 pounds is a lot!) when I went off of it, my boobs shrunk like a whole size, and my emotions and mood went crazy. So I've been on it since that all happened, and I can tell you that the first day or two of the cycle I wake up in the morning and am nauseated- just like morning sickness. When I was younger I used to actually throw up in the morning. Awful trying to get ready for school in the morning and not wanting to move. :( But this nauseated is worth bearing if I have clear and pain-free skin.

So plus: bigger boobs, clear skin, stabilized hormones (you'll drive people less crazy).... :)

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