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Day 26 On Accutane/ Oratane



Day 26, nearly a month in and pretty impressed with the results so far. Skin isn't perfect, still have alot of red pigmentation from old spots and a couple of hormonal actives bit it is nearly clear and feeling really smooth. I've had quite a few compliments on how good it is looking compared to what it was aswell :) side effects are just the usual dry cracked lips, dry skin, a little bit of muscle ache and fatigue but nothing major. I've also noticed my nose and other areas have been going through this process where i wake up in the morning and its covered in dry skin, but its actually all the gunk that's coming out of the pores. My nose is now 100% blackhead free which I haven't had for years! Also my scalp is way less oily so i only have to wash my hair every couple of days instead of every day. So far so good :)

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Sorry to bother, I know you've been on this way back then but I was reading your blog because I'm also going on Oratane soon. I'd just like to know whether the blackheads on your nose disappeared by itself? From the meds I mean. Or did you have other treatment for it as well?

Thank you so much xx

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