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Positive Thoughts!



I'm not one to trust easily or get my hopes up high when I try things. I just try to believe in things modestly, not cynically or pessimistic just realistic I would say.

That being said, I feel like I've gotten control of a few things in the past couple weeks. I finally got back into my gym routine the past few days and I'm well on my way to losing some weight with the help of my endocrinologist. Weight isn't everything to me because I am extremely healthy and comfortable with who I am, but it is a nice feeling to feel like I'm finally having some control in that area. I also feel like my acne might clear up this time on the regimen as long as I stick to it DILIGENTLY. Diligence with acne regimens are my problem because I get discouraged easily. I'm being different about it this time though because I really want to give it a fair shot as opposed to heading for Accutane right away (as I've said numerous times). I think the regimen is working because I have people commenting to me lately - including my trainer this morning at the gym (who hasn't seen me for a month and a half!) - that my skin is looking much clearer. The aforementioned trainer also asked if I'd started Accutane or something, so it was nice to feel like I'm potentially clearing up with those kind of results. As a side note, I've also tackled my hair issues. I've always too thick hair that gets frizzy. I recently purchased a better hair dryer and a fantastic product that I love (Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum and Relaxing Balm). I just LOVE how the products and my dryer are working. I have no frizz, it is straight and smooth, and extremely shiny and healthy looking. I'm amazed. I literally just did my hair and it feels like I just came out of a salon, and I'm by no means a hair pro. I know this is an acne oriented site but I just had to share all of my experiences lately. I feel great about things in general and that is so important.

It's important to share experiences besides those we associate with acne because the progress we make in any area can help us to find solutions to other problems. And, in general, we can gain confidence. It's an amazing feeling to be loving so much of myself and seeing the progress I'm making. I hope all of you are finding much needed progress in your life as well.


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