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...then I Wake Up In The Morning And Reality Really Blows



WELLLLLLL hello there =)

The name is Lu or Louie , whichever you prefer...I'm not picky...unless it comes to my skin of course ;p OH & I'm a female, don't let the name fool ya. I weigh 125 at 5'6" and just turned 20 last month and yup I'm in college. Took the semester off though to treat to my insecurities. Crazy for taking months off?! YOU BETCHA! haha but it was necessary. I'll reveal more about myself and the extremities I've gone to because of acne as my entries progress. TRUST ME, you're in for a good laugh in the upcoming months, as well as occasional pity parties, moments of extreme euphoria, pitted lows, several rants (in which I shall utilize analogies, quotes, historical references, and random facts), examples of a loss of sanity, overused sarcasm, movie references, boy problems, and nonetheless some rather shy optimism. After all, you must be positive when going on a roller coaster. If not, you might as well just not buckle yourself in and fall off on the first dip. SOOO even throughout moments of doubt and insane outbursts, I just want you all the know in advance...yeah you, and you ...and even you wink.png ... that although what I write may sound as positive as the negative side of a battery, I must advise you that I AM staying positive and I know that things will get better.

So here's the situation people, I am an acne sufferer. No surprise there of course. Question is, how did I get to such a moderate persistent torturous case? Well in my past life I obviously kicked helpless orphans around for fun, threw innocent defenseless baby animals off of cliffs until they plummeted to their deaths, and drank beer with Hitler on weekends over a good laugh on how the gas chambers resembled large easy bake ovens at the Auschwitz concentration camps. No really though people, I'm convinced I must've been an awful person in my previous life because ACNE IS FREAKING HELL and no one deserves such a disfiguring appearance...unless you're starring in one of John Carpenter's slasher movies that is...in which case I'm not...SO...yea.

Is it pretty sad that I would've rather been born with an extra pinky toe than suffer from acne? No? I didn't think so either. Glad we're on the same page.

CONFESSION- I started Accutane in mid October, so I've been on it for two months already. You'd think I'd be clear right? NOPE. Exactly why I've decided to make this wonderful blog to keep track of my progress (it better be strictly progress from here on or I'm kicking the Accutane fairies in the butt) for the next 4 months.

These past two months have been an EXTREME nightmare. I've suffered with acne for a good four years now so it's not like I expected it to pull a Houdini and do a disappearing act in the matter of 60 days.. but c'mon now...is a little more progress too much to ask for? "Yes it is," exclaimed the Acne Gods in a deep monotone voice. I wish I could express my anger in ravenous vulgarity and offensive profanity...but I agreed to the Acne.org terms and conditions. I would rebel, but I wanna stick around a bit longer. & of course, I wouldn't want any of you to miss a good show.

SO YEAH, lets talk acne. Aside from the fact that the word itself makes me want to regurgitate my lunch, its currently part of my appearance and that would be like throwing up on my own face. Definitely not the cure. And possibly not the best facial mask either.

The couple of months before started Accutane my acne flared up horribly...cysts galore...and clogged pores...and regular pimples...and ugliness. I went to my derm and hopped on the Accutane bandwagon. I've been on 40 mg once daily for two months and just recently got on 40 mg/80 mg (alternating between 40 mg one day and 80 mg the next day). Oddly, barely any dryness. I mean, my face isn't oily anymore but if I ditched the moisturizer, it wouldn't be flaky either. My lips are just pruney (not a word I know...but it's the best way I could describe it-pruned). But my lips have always sort of been kinda dry like that from the lack of water I drink I suppose. Now I drink tons though so no worries. My face exploded the past two month. Not pretty. I isolated myself within my room of course.

SIDE NOTE- just wait until you hear in my next entry for how long and mentally f'ed up I am because of my acne.

I don't seem to be breaking out too bad right now but I've got lots of red marks. Yup, I picked at my face. Friggen sue me. But even the ones I didn't touch turned into marks.

Here I am, making an imaginary suggestion box for you all. Please feel free to drop in some suggestions as to how to get rid of these friggen marks or heal them up quicker while taking this bad boy tane.

THIS POST IS WAY TOO LONG haha my sincerest apologies ladies and gents. I'll describe my first and second month in my next entry and then other updates later on.

BTW the title is none other than Joan Jett in all her brilliance. I'd absofrickenlutely go lesbian for this woman!!! Even though the movie the runaways did her no justice, I liked it as well. The song is called 'frustrated' my dudes. SO APPROPRIATE...I'm sure you could all picture me typing this with this song blasting in the background on repeat. & yup I totally tweaked the lyrics and made it relate to my acne . Feel free to do the same.

O and I've been taking pictures of my horrid complexion. Not posting any of them until I can lift my skirt and see some balls...or in other words, develop some courage lol Prob unveiling them all at the end. this should be fun =) the anticipation.

til next time wink.png toodles my fellow beauties


Started on October 7th.

Month 1- 40 mg once daily

Month 2 - 40 mg once daily

Month 3- alternating between 40 mg and 80 mg once daily

Month 4-

Month 5-

Month 6-

I wash with cetaphil morning and night and moisturize with Pevonia Sensitive Skin moisturizer. I was previously using Aveeno lotion and sometimes cetaphil lotion but it sucked so I switched obvi.

As for makeup, I use Jane Iredale loose powder in light warm silk. But I'm in search for something liquid for better coverage. Suggestions pwetty please. (I was in hideout and rarely stepped out of the house so I haven't really been using makeup).

"All I wanna do is play rock & roll and live a little."


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