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103 Days! - Quick Update (Pics)



Another quick before & now picture



100 Days


Obviously there's a huge improvement but I've still got red marks that are difficult to see on that picture because they kinda merge with the freckles. The ultimate result would be my face skin looking like the skin on my neck, that would be incredible.

Side Effects update:

  • I've noticed that under my eyes is a lot darker than usual, and it's very obvious when your skin is as pale as mine. A teacher literally asked me if I was ok today because I 'looked so tired'. I'm hoping this is just due to fatigue and not a sign that my liver is struggling with the meds. I'm sure I was due blood tests but the docs didn't tell me to book in for some so I'm a little confused about that.
  • My lips crack and bleed almost every time I smile. I also just read that petroleum jelly Vaseline shouldn't be used on dry skin because your skin doesn't absorb it and it actually makes lips drier in the long-term. I'm gonna buy some cocoa-butter or Aloe Vera Vaseline instead because lips only absorb natural oils.
  • Tiredness has returned. I had a good 8+hrs sleep last night but I came home from school and went straight to bed for a quick snooze.
  • On the plus side, I found out that my moisturiser has been triggering off my moist moustache. Since changing it to a less rich one my sweaty lip is easier to handle-Down boy!

Been reading loads of accutane topics on here and I'm already worrying about when I stop my course and stressing over whether I've permanently killed acne or if it'll creep back after a few months. My parents keep telling me not to worry because adult acne doesn't run through the family but is that all that it comes down to? When people have been on accutane and their acne comes back, is that because they have 'adult acne'? There's bad hormonal acne in the family but I could be the odd, unlucky one who has something a little more complicated than that. I know I just have to think positive but the thought of going through all this for only a few months of clear skin seems so unfair, I want lifetime good skin! (who doesn't?) It seems success stories (as in years later they're still acne-free) are very rare compared to returning acne stories.


Recommended Comments

Thank you :) I'm from England so I don't think there's any sub-brands, mine's just called 'Roaccutane' (I think the full name might be 'Roaccutane Hoffman-La-Roche')

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Oh stop it with your awesome progress! :P That's just beyond ridiculously brilliant.

Don't worry yourself about what might happen, there's no telling. Some people on the message boards have had to do three courses, some people have been clear for years now after doing just one. In the case where they had to go again, it didn't quite fix it the first time and there was visibly still a problem there. Looking at your picture, Renn, I don't think you've anything to worry about. :)

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Looking good, Little Miss! Try not to stress about what comes after, no point in worrying about it now, and in the scheme of things if you have to do a second round it'd be worth it. The difference is spectacular, and remember most people stop posting once their treatments (whether it be Roaccutane, Dan's Regime, etc.) work for them, so you're seeing a very highly-biased statistical distribution of "delayed success" stories ;)

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hehe, thanks! biggrin.png To be honest I can't even remember my skin looking that bad. Dunno how I got myself to go to school every morning when it was like that. I think that picture might have been taken on a 'good day' too because I used to have way more of the painful raised spots. Hopefully you're right there, I just assumed people were totally clear in a sense of flawless skin, and then a few months later they were back to square one. I haven't had a spot in a while now, and my red marks are fading (I think if I was tanned you'd probably not even see them, they're just contrasting with my skin which makes them a bit more obvious).

I never thought about the whole biased sample thing-good point! I feel a little more at ease now, thanks guys smile.png

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