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Possibility Of Acne Due To Poor Immune System...



I have pretty bad acne. I've been taking antibiotics for about 4 years now and I'm starting to think that there's a correlation between the immune system and acne.

Also, as a baby, I had to have surgery so i would have been on antibiotics then too. As a baby, when your body is still developing, being on a certain drug could have a consequense.

Think about it, if you're constantly taking in antibiotics, whats the point of an immune system? Its just extra work.

I wanted to know if anyone who also has bad acne breakouts was ever on antibiotics at a young age when your body would've still been developing. Also, if you are and have been on antibiotics for a long period of time.

Basically, I'm trying to find out what is so different from me and guy with clear skin that has the same diet as I do and same hygene.

Any opinions will help.


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I don't think I was on antibiotics when I was younger but one of my parents has autoimmune disease, so I could have inherited a bad immune system. It's a good theory though, and it'd be interesting to see what others think.

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hmmm.....Must say I have a bit of mixed emotions on this one, but I am leaning more towards no. I have had bad acne for about 5 yrs now and from the experience that I have the immune system might have an effect but defo not the main cause. The first reason I think this is because I have always had a pretty crappy immune system, and I ate very unhealthy in my youth. Now I try to be alot healthier and I have had acne for the past 5 yrs or so. Also, I was on a medicine for acne called minocycline and the doc told me that it works by helping to reduce the excess bacteria in the body. This didn't work for me (probably should have if fighting off bacteria is the main cause)Reason two: I believe that the main cause of acne is an over-production of oil. They say that the closest thing that we have to a cure for acne is accutane. The way that accutane works is to slow down and almost stop oil glands, therefore preventing your pores and oil glands from having extra oil that builds up and causes acne. But I bet that your immune system does play a roll in the overall issue though, and also, if you notice its not like when your a sickling you break out and visa-versa. If accutane can pretty much clear you for life, then I cant help but think (well your immune system isnt always stable, sometimes its strong and sometimes not. Yet people who have taken accutane are clear pretty much forever despite the state of their health or immune system) :) just my thoughts on it.

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Thanks, that does give me some insight into this whole thing.

It just seems weird that only an unlucky few, myself included, get this disease. I don't believe that it is natural to get acne and i think its the body's way of letting us know that something is wrong.

Basically, like I said before, I'm trying to find the factors that separate me and others with the condition, and the billions of other people in the world that have normal skin... And I know for a fact that the reason that those billions of people don't have acne, ISN'T because they take an antibiotic, or use Proactive on a daily basis, like I'm sure the dermatologists and skin car industry would like us to believe.

I'm, not sure if the problem stems from first world diet, first world chemicals, or actually an immune deficiency from taking antibiotics. The paranoid part of me thinks that there's something that the general public isn't supposed to know about why its primarily the U.S. that gets it and not anyone else really...

But, any comments are welcomed, thanks.

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