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Day 199



My face is EXPLODING!! Ridiculous!! I'm on month seven of accutane, and I look disgusting. Luckily, my forehead is clear. My left cheek/jawline is clear except for my upper cheek, under the eye. I have two HUGE pimples. They were pustules last night, and now they are bright pink blobs. Next to my nose on my right cheek I have a cluster of pimples that kept popping up. Then it formed into one huge pussy sore pustule, then I popped it and it left a weird hole. Then it came back, pussy and peely and red and swollen. It's repulsive. My nose has peeled really bad and left behind bright red skin. My chin has been breaking out all week. Today there are two huge cyst-like pimples on each side of the chin. Plus, the huge scar on my right jawline is raised, like it's going to pop up into a fiery red huge cyst. Also under my chin is starting to feel bumpy again, like it's ready to release another horrible breakout. I am SO disappointed in my skin. It was doing SO great, I thought it would never break out again this bad ever again. I am red and splotchy and dry and pussy and ugly. Ew. To top it all off, my hands have small rashes and my lips are peeling like it's the end of the world. My joints crack when I move around. I am going to start taking my prednisone tonight. I need it REALLY bad. Hope no scarring!!


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