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Hair Removal For Face While On Accutane



Good day everyone,

Just thought Id give you some advise on hair removal for your face while on accutane since you are not supposed to use wax. I recently found a nifty little hair removal device.

Name of Product: REM Spring Sprong

Where to buy: There are multiple sites that you can buy this at. There are a few different companys that make this as well. I bought mine on Amazon.com for about $13 and shipping was pretty cheap.

Reviews: GREAT reviews almost everyone on Amazon gave this product five stars

What is it?:

-Its a small spring about as long as from your wrist to the tips of your fingers

-Not very big around, a little thicker than a pencil

-Has two handles on both sides of the spring

-Basically, you bend the spring into an upside down U shape, then you place it on your upper lip (I wouldnt really recommend for eyebrows) and start to straighten it out as you roll it upward toward your nose. While in the upside down U shape the springs separate and as you straighten out and roll up they close in on your hairs and pull them out! I have had this now for a couple months because I usually wax my upper lip and wax is too harsh to use while on accutane. It works great!!!

**You can also just google spring hair removal**

Pain level: not too shabby

It hurts just about as much as any other hair removal, the first time is probably the worst. It takes a few times to get used to how to position it on your face so that it grabs hair the best. Its basically plucking but done all at once which is nice. Highly recommend it, and there are plenty of youtube videos that you can watch to help show you how to use it properly. Ill probably just pluck my brows since the spring is too big for that area.

Okie Dokie thats all on that subject, let me know if you have any questions :)

Ciao for now


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