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Day 3- Scared For Side Effects!



I hope I can handle the side effects! I don't want any gushing nose bleeds or split lips sad.png

My lips might have been a TINY bit drier than usual today, but maybe that was just me being paranoid/licking my lips a lot. Skin's still super oily, but hopefully I won't have to be using my oil blotting sheets for too much longer..

The reason I am keep a blog is to help anyone out there trying to get more insight on this drug! I know when I was deciding on whether or not to take Accutane, I spent HOURS looking at reviews, blogs, anything to see what other people thought of it. I actually rejected my (old) derm's proposal to take Accutane about a year ago, but decided to take it now with a new doctor because well, basically I'm out of options.

I am desperate for clear skin. It is quite miserable avoiding being in direct sunlight because it will light up my face along with my acne. Some of the cysts I get are big enough to cast their own shadow.. yeesh. Or having to blot my oil-slick of a face after my first bell at school because that's how quickly my face gets oily. My skin is so oily it's ridiculous.. I can wash my face in the morning, get ready/dressed, drive to school an hour later and have to blot my face. I hate being conscious of my skin whenever I go to the beach/swimming. I used to be on my school's varsity swim team but I quit because of my skin. I hate having to put on makeup before I step out of the house, even if it's for a quick errand. I hate not being able to touch my face with anyone else. I hate wondering halfway throughout the day if my makeup has rubbed off and the pimples are showing. I know this sounds like a lot of me wallowing in self-pity but I'm just really tired of dealing with acne, and it doesn't seem like it'll ever go away. Because this is my senior year in high school, I'm taking this drug now so hopefully I won't have to cope with my skin in college. I truely hope Accutane will save me from this kind of life.

On a happier note, another reason for this blog is to get any advice/support I can! Please please please comment and say whatever you want! I want to know people are out there reading this smile.png

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I've been feeling increasingly self conscious of my skin lately as well and it feels good to type it out because we all can relate to each other. i'm really enjoying this blog as i feel we have some things in common. i'm going to ask for accutane next month at my derm appt if spiro doesn't clear me up b/c like you i really can't take it anymore. best of luck to you!

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