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Week3: We Have Your Lab Results, And Err, Well, Hmm....you Better Call Us Right Away



That's the last message I wanted to hear on my voicemail the week before my 1 month accutaine appointment. I fretted all night, worrying that my pancreas was going to explode due to abnormally high triglycerides or that my liver was shriveling up on a vitamin A overdose. (exaggeration aside, I was quite worried).

I finally reached Dr. Dermo's office the next afternoon after a round of phone tag and got the whole story. My bloodwork was fine (all those veggies and exercise paid off), but the iPledge paperwork was not. Somehow there was a mixup, and Dr. Dermo's assitant had entered me into the iPledge system the day before which meant that I had exactly 6 days to pickup my prescription and fill it or I'd be kicked out of the iPledge system for 19 days. That's 19 days without the pills.

Since my scheduled appointment wasn't for another week (it's really hard to get an appointment with Dr. Derm), the nurse agreed to ask the doctor to write me a prescription, and my nice mother-in-law picked the prescription up for me while I was working (the pharmacy won't accept faxed isotrentinoin prescriptions). When I got home from work that night and looked at the prescription, the dosage was exactly the same as I'd been on for the first 3 weeks.

Thanks to the wonderful acne.org members who are a wealth of great and useful info (you know who you all are), I knew that in the US, the dosage is typically raised to 1-1.5mg per kg of weight so my dosage should have been raised to about 60mg per day unless my bloodwork or sideaffects warrented a lower dose. When I called Dr. Dermo's office back, and explained the dosage descrepancy, she asked Dr. D himself and he agreed that normally he'd up my dose, but he wouldn't write me a higher prescription without seeing me first. I explained that my appointment wasn't even till next week and by then I'd be locked out of iPledge for almost 3 weeks because his assistant had mistakenly entered me 2 weeks early into the system.

To make a short story long -- they realized it was their mistake, squeezed me in between the last 2 appointments of the day, gave me a preg test, asked me if I was practicing safe sex and gave me a prescription for 60mg per day and I was good to go. They explained that from now on they are going to have only one person enter the info into IPledge to avoid mistakes and confusion and apologized for the mixup. Alls well that ends well.


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