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I can't be bothered to write, nothing especially positive to say anyway. So it's time for some pictures!

Not pictures of me though, I'll spare you that. Three consecutive blogs with pictures of my ugly mug is quite enough!

And this isn't acne related either because I can't be bothered with that either. Same shit, different day. I'd only end up repeating myself, repeating myself, repeating myself, repeating myself...

Here's what's happening in jolly old England. Well, here's what's happening in front of my bedroom window anyway. Nowhere near enough snow for a snowman, but I'm sure that will arrive at some point. Yay!


Here's Arnie the cat. He's mine and my sisters, although I only claim him when he's well-behaved. If he's been naughty and hiding in the Christmas tree, that's my sisters problem! Either way, he's super cute! D'awwww!


I lied before, there is one picture of me. This was taken last night at a Kasabian concert. The film crew shot it from the stage. I was down at the front with about ten thousand people jumping around behind me. Awesome. I'm well known for going just a little bit mental and pulling crazy faces when I watch my favourite bands, the best of which was when I saw the band, Airbourne - think I dislocated my jaw that night! In this one, I'm right in the middle of the shot, playing the role of someone who could probably open his mouth wide enough to eat the head of the person stood in front of them! biggrin.png My sister's in this shot as well actually, although the hand in the bottom left is covering her face.


Aside from one more concert this year - Def Leppard and Motley Crue on Tuesday - Billy-no-mates over here has nothing at all planned for the rest of the year. Or for the foreseeable future, for that matter. One of those sobering moments when I think, 'How the fudge did this happen?!' Oh well, maybe I'll find a bit of festive magic over the next few weeks and something/someone/boat-load of new people will come my way. Be bored out of my mind otherwise!

All set for Christmas, I've bought all the gifts I need. Also sent something cool to a pen pal in Canada, and even something to someone on the Org. There's a Secret Santa going on in the Lounge section of the message board. Can't tell you what I bought though or who it's for in case the recipient reads this! That particular package was pretty cheap to send to America. I did however go a little over the top on the gifts I sent to my friend in Canada and it cost me almost £30 to send, doubling the price of the gift! I reckon I'm going to start my own postal service, make a fortune! There were two large gifts in it though as it's her birthday close too Christmas. Ah well, only comes around once a year and I don't often get to buy gifts for people so that's nice. smile.png

Speaking of the Org, there's a great thread in the Lounge where everyone's been recording their voices. Fun to hear from everyone and listen to all the different accents. So far, I've been voted as having the best voice on the message board. Seems the girls in Australia and America quite like an English accent. Perhaps I'll have to move - I don't suppose my accent makes the same kind of impression in my home town, the girls have heard it all before... So, AyeAye, you're welcome to go and satisfy that curiosity. ;)

Oh, and I've I've put my Christmas decorations up. Well, decoration. I have a small stocking with a picture of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turlt on it, had it since I was a boy, twenty years now. It's not Christmas until I've put that up! lol.gif




Yay! Awesome blog, awesome pictures! Love each one of them, for completely different reasons.

Ugh, I feel your pain on international postage; I just paid about AUD $50 to send my Irish pen pal a package. Daylight robbery!

Wow. You guys record your accents? Gah, this makes me want entry into the Lounge, that's awesome. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the kind of VIP membership you can flash someone to get... ;)

Bugger, I guess that means I'll actually have to start posting at some stage.

Paul even though this is completely unrelated to acne I think this is my favourite entry yet!

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this is defo my fav entry to date. I'm particularly loving the baby cheeses out of the ninja stocking. And now I'm off to the lounge to listen to some accents. Yes, I'm off to the LOUNGE where all the important org people hang out. Oh wait, is there a dress code??

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Need to reach 120 posts before the Lounge appears! Get to it! You could flash anyway if you felt the urge. It wouldn't be of any benefit to you, but I don't suppose the guys would mind! :lol:

I can actually share the recording because all we do is post links to a recording site someone found. That's where the idea came from to begin with. This might not make much sense as the first bit's about when we recorded some stuff earlier this year, but here's my latest one. :blush:


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I just came back to say that the links didnt work for me on the forum, but the above one did :). You sound like the Artic Monkeys. Funny that! ;)

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Strange. The links are just the same as this one. eusa_eh.gif Ah well. Yeah, I taught them Arcade Monkeys all they know! lol.gif

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Lol, this is the best!! 120 posts...that's insane, does it count if my responses are all just "yes, please tell me more".

Kasabian, I am jealous. Poor Paul can no longer go to one million concerts and rub up with famous people for the whole 18 days left of the year. Ha!

I think I'm now admiring your accent a little too much.

I also think that you should read me the physics that I am supposed to learn. I think I'd actually listen and maybe even learn something.

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I think you're onto something there Om. Maybe I can get Paul to read my Masters of Financial Markets to me too and make it much more interesting!

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The last time we posted stuff in the voices thread, everyone told me I should be working for the BBC doing voice-overs. Then people started asking me to say things and I had a bunch of messages requesting that I record certain parts from movie scripts, so I sat for an afternoon, recording for people. :lol:

Physics and Financial Markets sounds very complicated, I could probably only do those if there aren't any big words! :D

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It's not the accent that's the problem, it's my ability to engage my brain and think before I speak! Then again, I am pretty good with tongue twsiters so you might be onto something there... :)

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*looks at last picture* Do you play guitar?

You have your Christmas tree up already! Not fair. My mam's dead traditional and makes us wait 12 days before Christmas ¬_¬ I hope this year when we put the tree up we find a cute kitty in amongst the branches, he's adorable :o

I love the Yorkshire accent also, it's a very happy accent tongue.png

The guy in the green coat has my accent, although I like to think I'm more understandable haha

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Got to love Alan Partridge! :lol: Michael's character is really funny too. I've nothing better to do, think I'll go and watch a few episodes. Back of the net!

Yep, I play guitar. Well, I make noise, but I make it with style so that counts as playing. Do you play, Renn?

That's only half my collection. I did have five guitars but sold one as it gets a bit tricky trying to play them all at the same time. ;)

Be amazing if you found a kitten in your Christmas tree, especially if it wasn't there when you put the tree away last year! I must admit, Arnie is stupidly cute. And having him around these last couple of months has done me good actually, it's nice to have a purpose and have something to take care of. He's been a right pain with the tree though, keeps knocking everything off so he's not allowed in the room now until the tree comes down. Although, I might have to take him back in so that he can jump in the tree one more time, I'd really like to get a nice, proper picture instead of just one on my phone. I'm such a bad influence! :D

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I've actually never watched it before, i just came across it on Youtube. He seems like a funny chap, I should investigate him a little more...

Haha, no I don't but it's one of those things I wish I could wake up and be able to do without having to practice for years and years. I used to play the Tenor Sax, but then decided it was too heavy and, being the lazy sloth/human hybrid I am, switched it for an Alto- but I wasn't very good at either so gave up after a year or two. 5 guitars? 5 guitars?! I don't know what to say so I'll just type a noise: asnjfffffffffddddassasassgaadoodaa.

If it was there when I put the tree away last year it wouldn't be looking too fresh this year lol.gif (i just made a suggestive dead kitty joke-I'm going to burn in hell) Pets are great when you're feeling down; they can say so much more than a human can, even though they can't actually say anything at all. Get a good picture! They don't stay cute and cuddly for long tongue.png

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I reckon Alan Partridge is really funny, well worth a look. His awkwardness is just amusing and the catchphrases he has are so random. I like a lot of the stuff Steve Coogan does actually. Seen him live before and enjoy most of characters, but Alan's the most popular one.

I'll have to ask my sister for permission I think, she'll know if the tree's been disturbed. It wouldn't really be fair of me to put Arnie in there myself, only for my sister to catch him and tell him off. He'd be all, "What the hell?! That long-haired muppet over there just put me in here, now you're dragging me out and screaming at me to go and sit in my basket! What in the name of kitty litter is going on?!"

You're actually allowed to make eight dead cat jokes throughout your life. That's on account of cats having nine, so as long as you're respectful of that remaining one, it's all good. I totally just made that up of course but it sounds totally feasible so I bet it's totally true. Totally.

I think I went to school with a kid called Asnjfffffffffddddassasassgaadoodaa, only nobody had a clue how to pronounce his name so we just called him Dave.

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