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5 Months After The Regime!



Hello Community!

It has been 5 months (almost) since I started, and since about end of september my skin has pretty much had no breakouts. Even though once in a while I don't do all the regime (say i forget one morning or even a couple of days!) nothing terrible happens. Yes if you forget to do it for a while you might notice one thing or two, depending on what areas you are more prone to get breakouts, but as soon as you return on your regime everything is ok again. so DONT PANIC!

I mentioned prevously that I had to use the jojoba oil for a while cus my skin was extremely dry after the BP, but after some time (maybe a month or so) I didnt have to use it anymore and my skin does NOT flake at all and is not dry (i do use moisturizer though, Neutrogena for mixed skin). I only have some marks on my cheeks but i know those take a while to go, and they are there, but theres not much i can do to rush them. I don't use foundation or powder makeup, only an acne powder from Clinique for "redness solution". Its WONDERFUL! all it does is to reduce redness and even out the skin, it has some medicinal ingredients but other than that its very simple. its a yellowish-greenish powder and its about 40 bucks, but totally worth it!

Regarding some future possible changes in the regime, I found the 2.5% BP Panoxyl aquagel and I might try it, unless someone has had terrible experience with it then i'd appreciate the heads up, I just wanted to use something less concentrated as currently i am on the 5%BP benzagel. Other than that I have not changed my facewash (Avene cleansing gel) or moisturizer. I have the jojoba oil at hand just in case but i dont have any problems with dryness or flakiness AT ALL.

Hope everyone's doing well too!

~over and out

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