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Hello :) I'm just going to write about how I generally feel everyday with acne and the treatments I'm using to cure it hoping to finally get "clear skin".

Okay, during different days I look up such questions on google like "how to get rid of....acne" and they always tell me it's common and 8/10 teens get it but, somehow I don't believe that. In my class (we have 26 students) there's only about 6 people who suffer from moderate acne and 7 people who get light acne (so 1-3 spots). I'm currently in yr 8 and I suffer from moderately severe acne (especially on my chin :/) before I just had moderate but this year has been my worst ever.

I can't lie and say I don't pop my pimples since I do and it's a hard thing to stop but I'm trying...really hard. I've tried a lot of treatments and mostly none of them worked and my diet is pretty good since I can't have any junk food (due to parents) and I take bio zinc for my acne which is working because I haven't had any new spots show up but what I'm trying to do is to get rid of my current ones. Other than my chin my skin is healthy. I get the idea that I may have unbalanced hormones (since I hadn't had my period for 4months... or longer, I can't remember when I last had it) but I'm not sure what to eat to get balanced hormones.

Treatments I trying now:

*Lemon juice (diluted)


Treatments I've tried before:

*toothpaste (I don't think I want to try this again since it burned some of the top layers of skin away D:)

I hate my acne since it really sticks out and says "I have no hygiene" and probably frightens everyone away. That's how I feel but I know no one thinks like that (unless those stuck up people who think it's fun to whisper to each other "ew, she has so much acne") but it's hard to tell myself that everyday; it's difficult for me to believe myself. For once in my life I want to feeling to stop now so I'm going to try harder this time to clear up the acne and have a sense of pride in my skin.

My daily routine will be:

*lemon mask

*Honey mask

*wash 4 times a day with just water and pat dry (I have oily skin D:)



I'm to achieve a result :)

P.S I don't need to make any changes to my diet as I have parents who make me eat healthy =_=


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