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Day # 7



Happy Saturday everyone...

Today I took my 7th pill which celebrates one week of accutane! Woo! Only 5 months and 3 weeks to go...

So an update on the skin situation... ran errands today and went to the farmers market. Was probably outside no more than 2 hours and came home to nice rosy cheeks and nose, evidence of a little sunburn! Needless to say I guess my skin is changing like they say and becoming more sensitive to sun. Thankfully we are headed into the winter months and sun won't really be a factor I hope :)

Woke up with one new sort of pimple this morning... forming above my right eyebrow. Actually kind of looks more like a bump and hopefully it surfaces tomorrow or just not at all. Good news on the other pimples, they definitely went down a bit overnight but are still pretty irritated and I can't help but keep touching them to make sure they aren't mountains on my forehead, which probably isn't very smart.

I have noticed makeup is stating to look a little off on my skin, not bad just different. I can't really explain it other than you can tell where I have pimples because the pimples almost look purple or bruised under the makeup... am I applying it wrong or something ladies?

The only other issue is the chapped lips. Well I wouldn't really call it an issue but they are more dry than usual, nothing crazy like splitting or bleeding, I just notice myself reaching for the chapstick more often than usual.

Well that's pretty much the only update I have, more to come! Have a great night!


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