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Saw Palmetto?



I'm trying to decide weather or not I should start taking Saw Palmetto supplements. I'm almost 90% sure my acne is cause by a hormone imbalance. Ever since stopping birthcontrol (ortho-try cyclen) my face hasn't been the same. If anyone has tried this please post! Or anything else that has helped<3


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I haven't tried any of these products. Just leaving a comment to show some support (:

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I want to start taking saw palmetto as well! I talked to my naturopath and she wondered why i was wanting something that was for men's prostate health. I explained why and she said as a biochemist and doctor, she wouldn't recommend it.

On the other hand, I have read MANY reviews on women taking it, and I still want to try it. (I have found myself having a love-hate relationship with doctors). What about taking zinc.?? I am starting that on Monday this week, I heard that can really help balance hormones. Read up on zinc defiencies and see if you are..

Good luck to ya!

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