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I just wanted to rant a little, I had to take a day off of having a double application recently plus both of my pets have died, my aunty got sectioned and it was all a little stressy... anyway I have had a little flareup.... nothing major but its involving one massively huge spot I can feel rising all warm and angry from the deepest level of my skin..... i'll be needing some benzoyl peroxide to deal with this I think..... need to buy some again for the first time in ages..... Still loving the otherwize clear skin though.


Hey just wanna say that Finacea has done wonders to my skin, so much so that I don't recognize it. Some flare ups here and there, but I think it's diet related because they are deep. Anyways, hope all is well crystal!

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That'll be the stress, right? Take care of it and look after yourself and your stress levels, sure everything will calm down.

Sorry to hear about your pets, that's harsh. Here's hoping things work out alright for your aunty too. Obviously I don't know the details but I assume she's in the right place to get the help and support she needs to get well again so I guess that's a good thing and something positive in the long run. Best of luck to her. :)

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Hey just dropping a comment to let you know people are actually reading your blog (:

check my blog out if you have the time

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Thanks guys :), its been a tough few weeks but I am feeling calmer about my pets (still grieving but emotions are less raw) and my aunt is out now... I have managed to catch a cold but its not been too bad cause I have discovered the healing and preventative powers of raw honey/ginger/lemon juice in hot water... amazing! My skin has improved too... good times, epecially as I am about to come on. xx

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