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101 Days! - Insert Dalmatian/acne Pun Here



I have uploaded skin pics into my gallery if you're interested in how my skin's looking. I've uploaded one in my regular light, one in a strong light and one in natural light. What can I say? I'm just a talented photographer.

It's freezing cold here in the North of England and I'm wearing three pairs of socks because my toes feel like icicles. My dad is very stingy about heating costs so we have to just wrap up as best we can and hug the nearest fluffy dog for warmth. The weather combined with the horrible atmosphere in my house is making me comfort eat, so I'm going to make a huge bowl of porridge soon to try and fill me up and avoid gorging on sweeter, highly calorific food (i.e. nice food). Yeah, the atmosphere hasn't improved much. Mam actually said two or three sentences today to me though, but mostly interrogating me about my dad, looking for any reason to start an argument with him-urgh-so annoying. I'm sitting trying to do an assignment but with this mood in the house it's difficult. My mam just walked into my room as I was typing the previous sentence and she's blaming her mood on PMS (I thought I was bad). I still think it's deeper than that...I'm a bit worried actually because I just remembered her moodiness started around the time of going to the doctors about a weird mole on her back, so I hope it's not because of what the doctor said...I'll have to ask her.

I go for my monthly consultation a week on Tuesday and I'm considering going without make-up. I can get dropped off at the hospital but I'd have to make my own way home, so that last bit's worrying me. I don't think I could walk around town without my 'mask', even though I know my skin looks alright. The chill would bring out all the redness and then the moist moustache would start and ta-da, sexual predator look activated. The Doc doesn't mind me going with make-up on, and I make sure it's sheer, so I could always bring my skin pictures along. Hopefully they'll see it's improving again (last time I went it seemed to be going downhill with more pus-filled spots and little pimples) and suggest I'm on it only 5 months rather than 8.


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Hope the porridge was good! wink.png

Fingers crossed you can figure things out with your Mum. Maybe there is something she wants to vent about, in which case she might let you in. Even if there isn't actually anything wrong in that respect, here's hoping the atmosphere calms down because I don't suppose that kind of negative energy ever does anyone any good!

Your skin is looking totally awesome by the way! wub.png Trade please? biggrin.png

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It was delicious!...after I added a generous sprinkling of sugar.

I went shopping with her today and she told me it's just her and my dad have been rowing + the stress of Christmas. I think going out today with her has cheered her up a bit, so hopefully she won't be so down.

Cheers! I'm so happy with how it's going biggrin.png

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