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Still Fighting!




It has been a while. I still break out though, no where near as bad as a year ago during the peak of boy problems.

My number one advice is very simple and nothing miraculous. Follow a regimen closely and never skip washing your face at night especially if you have make up on.

Here is the load down:

I have- dry skin that gets flakey and congested. I break out during that time of the month and I have scars as a souvenir.

I use:

Cleanser: Neutragena Grapefruit Cleanser, Loreal 360 (for makeup days), and DermaClear

Toner: Neutragena Rapid Clear

Moisturizer: Mamonde Brightening Cream

Treatment: Tea Tree Oil

I've recently been using a lot of Asian products from the AmorePacific Line. This includs, serums, softening toners, emulsions, and moisturizers. I'm also going to be adding in products from the Ole Henrikson blemish line. I will see how that all goes. It's a lo to f work, but honestly I enjoy it, and its worth it.

Some products that did not work for me: Sisley Topical Resin- dried out skin, clogged pores like crazy


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