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Day 5



I guess it's my turn....

Monday, Dec 5th was my first day of taking 40mg of Claravis (Accutane). I have had acne since I was about 14/15 years old. I was on birth control since I was about 17 years old but not consistantly for 2 years. After I had my daughter when I was 19 years old I used the Ortho Evra patch and Nuva ring faithfully. During this time I was pretty clear, just a breakout here or there. Late last year I stopped using birth control because I just didnt want to keep putting these hormones in my body "and wanted to be natural." I all of a sudden became this health conscious person lol. Anyways, so this year around early May I developed SEVERE and painful adult rosacea acne like in a matter of days, predominately in my chin and some on my chest (which has never happened to me in my life). It was terrible. It hurt to even sleep at night. I could feel my face throbbing. Ugh. Well I couldnt take it anymore, I went to a derm and he gave me tetracycline (which I knew wasnt going to work). I got back on Ortho Tri Cyclen in October and went to see the doctor at my university. When the doctor walked in she said immediately "you need Accutane." She referred me to a different derm in November. And here I am, beginning this Journey. I don't feel anything physically, mentally, or notice anything different. My face had began to get better last month, I think because the birth control but my chin is still red. This is day 5 and I did get an ugly pimple on my forehead (I dont ever break out there), so maybe it's working. I just want my face to look normal like it did 8 months ago. My brother took Accutane when he was 17yrs old, he will be 29 in Jan, and to this day he is clear. I hope my experience is successful like his. I am a Grad student for my MSW and working on my LCSW, which really has helped me cope with this situation and not become a depressed mess. If I didnt know about therapy better I really think I would be hiding out in my house lol, but working in the social work field and having close friends who are doctors and psychiatrist has helped. I catch them doing therapy sessions on me sometimes hahahaha.....

So cheers to my 5 month journey!!! :-)


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Today was my first day on Accutane! Cheers to the both of us :)

My situation is kinda like yours, i've tried the antibiotics and everything else! And I am done with coping with acne.

Check out my blog if you'd like. Best of luck!!

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Hey good luck! I am starting mine soon....My skin problem is definitely hormone related as well...wonderful to be a woman, eh?

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