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Derm Visit Update



Hi Everyone! Its been forever since I last posted but I just wanted to update and say I went to see my derm today after a very bad break out. I had to get a small procedure done to burn some of the marks I have on my face and also had to get a few injections into the pimples I already had, both were VERY painful!! Right now my face is swollen and looks like I just got beat up lol but on the good side, in 5 days time i should have better looking skin. My derm upped my minocycline dose to 75 mgs twice a day , have to put something called Acrone Gel in the morning and still keep using my retin-a .01% at night. Next month I will start getting mild chemical peels done too, so im hoping all this will lead me to the road of clear, acne free skin :-)


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