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Random Update



Hey everyone...

It's the middle of the day on Friday and I woke up to a really unfortunate situation on my face. The pimples on my forehead might be a tiny bit better but I also woke up to one more on my forehead and one on the left side of my chin and one on my left cheek. So last week I started out with 3 active pimples and today I officially have about 10 active pimples. Today is definitely a depressing day. I know 10 doesn't seem like much but I have always had pretty moderate/mild ance and averaged between 3 and 5 or 6 pimples at a time.

And to top it off, these pimples are not easy to cover up with makeup (you girls know what I mean!). My forehead pimples are swollen and painful to the touch and look like little mountains if you look at them in a certain light.

On another note, my lips felt very chapped when I woke up and I have been using a little more chapstick today than normal. Also, the skin on my hands was super dry so I have been putting lotion on them. Other that that, no major changes.

I hope everyone is having a better experience than I am right now... just a sad depressing day and I am staying in my house and cleaning and doing laundry until I go over to my parents for dinner tonight. Hope everyone is doing well and sorry to depress everyone with my sob story!


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