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Coach Factory Store Lunch



waterway” is evolving into Southeast Asia “Somalia”. Therefore presented this kind of kind of sound: Our country Navy can go to the Aden bay, the Somalian sea area escort, why can't arrive at Mekong River to escort? The life in the Sino-Burman frontier, “the border people” believed to the golden triangle quite familiar Yunnan network favorite that four country union law enforcement safety mechanism is unprecedented, “, but the Chinese Navy arms escorts the Aden bay pattern, is impossible to duplicate Mekong River, because the latter is not the sea, does not have the international waters, involves to many countries, faced with complex national sovereignty question”. Phoenix TV current event commentator Li Wei believed that the Aden bay escort escorts with Mekong River has the obvious difference, the latter difficulty is bigger. He analyzed that Somalia bordered on Indian Ocean, the merchant in the vast expanse of water the long time navigation, if had the highway robber ships to approach, even if were separated by also has more than 10 kilometers, also easy to discover. Even if battles, this distance will not pose the very big threat. Mekong River is dissimilar, the freighter and both banks are away from are quite near, also has the big piece big piece jungle along the way, the highway robber is advantageous hides itself, then the short distance attacks the crew. Even if has the escort, also had the very big technical difficulty, escort ability possibly not necessarily resists the ashore firepower attack, the gangster has been easier than the escort army to obtain the ground support. Li Wei thought that arms the escort condition in Mekong River to be not very full, mainly must depend on the Local government and the army maintains good both banks the security. Chinese Social Science Institute Asian and Pacific Research institute Society Culture research director Xu Liping analyzes, Mekong River route curving narrow, and the water depth is coach outlet couponshallow, does not suit union patrols and so on warship, union various countries police goes on patrol together, the law enforcement, actually some. Xu Liping suggested that but key establishes some infrastructure in the Mekong River coast, particularly sends the land sector in the important harbor and the danger, constructs some video recording facility, the display long-distance monitoring function. Tibet Lhasa's school bus home is most advanced On June 29, Lhasa all farmland and pasture elementary and middle school students rode our country most advanced special-purpose school bus. Lhasa Municipal government announced that invests 13,727,000 Yuan, the purchase first batch total 53 spaces passes “the big nose” the special-purpose school bus, and is operational in the same day. This Lhasa buys the school bus mainly uses in sending and picking up on its subordinatecoach outlet online seven county area all farmland and pasture elementary and middle school students to leave class. a handrail, the security sense arises spontaneously Ye Yu believed that proceeds in an orderly way is the G20 dialog mechanism important characteristic, she quotes the World Bank President Robert · Zoellick's words: “summit releasing has not been able to mount the front page headline slightly the plan, the scale may also make the progress graduallycoach factory outlet diligently along with the time advancement.” [focal point link]G20 summit news brief China receives all quarters to take seriously Many details reflected at this 20 country group summit, China receives all quarters to take seriously. For instance in summit leader “family photo” in the group photo, Chinese leader last enters photographs the location, the arrangement position is in nearby the French President Sa Keqi right hand. Attending reporter explains in abundance said that right side the guest of honor country leader's position is truly the most important. Started before that afternoon's business coach factory store lunch conference, American president the Austria Pama took a seat under the President Sa Keqi hint. But he has not sat down immediately, but bypasses the entire conference site half-turn, moves toward


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