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Pill #5



Good evening everyone... today was pill #5 and starting tomorrow I will be on once a day dosing! Hooray!

Okay the ups of today... The left side of my chin is much much better today so I was so happy to see that this morning!

The downs of today... oh where do I start?

-The pimple on my right cheek was humongous this morning and had a little bit of a scab on it so I don't know if I am an unconcious picker when I sleep but it was a monster! I tried so hard to cover it up with makeup but didn't really help much... Ick!

-Woke up to 4 pimples on my forehead! I hate that forehead skin is already so tight that when you get a pimple on it, it looks like a frickin mountain! Tried to cover those up too which worked well at first since they were just forming but when I got home from work they all had white heads on them and were hurting so bad! Hopefully they will feel better in the morning.

- The pimple on my left cheek wasn't as bad as I thought it would be this morning but it had a scab all day today, which actually came off in the shower tonight (didn't scrub at it at all) and now is just a little pink mark, hopefully this is good.

- I can feel a small pimple forming on my right cheek kind of close to my ear right on my cheekbone but I am praying that it's just a little random bump and hopefully I am overthinking it.

Wow so all in all today was a pretty down day for me :( No difference on the dryness/oiliness of my skin and since the Santa Ana winds are gone my nose is back to normal as if nothing happened... I do notice my eyes kind of feeling tired a lot and sort of dry but I do look at computers all day so that could be the problem...

Well all, I hope I haven't discouraged anyone with this depressing post... if this is my version of a terrible initial breakout then I will take it! Just praying it doesn't get any worse!!!


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