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My Dermatologists Routine, Plus Newly Revised Budget Friendly Routine

so I wanted to share with you what I paid over 500 dollars to get: a routine drawn up by a dermatologist that really worked. Then I am going to show you how I am working to tweek it for my newly uninsured unemployed little self. And before I go into all of this I just want to say wether you have insurance or not if over the counter stuff is not working please go to your general doctor, a dermatologist, even a free clinic if need be, it truely is worth it. I kick myself for the times I fell off and tried to go at it alone.

Typically this is what i happens: my acne gets really really bad and I try every thing under the sun until I can't take it any more, then I cough up the money to see a dermatologist.I then get so excited that I pretend like money is no object, I get on a plan that really works but is really expensive( b.c I never seem to have insurance) and stick with it for awhile then either b/c i am to cheap, or b/c I think i have been miraculously cured and clearly have no reason to be doing all this, I stop it. Then the acne(gradually) returns. This time is different. This time I am going to come up with a plan that is affordable so that I won't quit.

!*!: all prices are my guess from memory, and aproximated but they are close I promise, prices are also for a one month supply unless noted.

PLAN 1: Expensive without insurance but if you have insurance GO FOR IT, works best for women (but i've noted what works for guys as well) esp. with hormonal acne(it is hormonal if it gets worse at your period and usually but not always is around your mouth) this plan is from a fancy dematologist.yes I did all of these things at once b/c that is what she told me to do, and you know what? it worked!Best skin of my life! prices are without insurance, I will explain how to get drugs from canada if you are from the states...

1.yaz birthcontrol 100$ without insurance, substitute yazmein for 50$, canada 20$ I think birth control is a good place to start for women, i think ortho tri cyclin( not sure of the name) works for acne as well, and if you do not get the new ortho-lo version, it is only 13$ at my local pharmacy, and you could go to planned parenthood to get the script for free or cheap. The only reason I am not on one of these now is b/c for other medical reasons I can not be, otherwise this would be my starter point.

2.spironolactone: active horomone in yaz that helps clear up acne, i forget , but i think it was about 30$, I eventually stopped taking this once my skin cleared up, may have just needed it in the begining.

3.duac gel: topical, applied during the day..this is some awesome bad ass acne cream. I love it to pieces and have been on it a few times over the years, only problem is it comes in at a whopping 140$, canada 70$ a tube, on the internet it looks like there is a generic but I don't think it exists in the u.s. works for both male and females.even using this alone would show good results I think.

4.tretinoin: .025% 38$ lasts 2-3 months , canada 16-20$ I think.and was aplied at night. This stuff worked ok for me , but not alone, recently found out it may have been the dosage I was on .025% and have recently been bumped up to .1%. This is what cleared up my mothers acne as a teen as well and she had cystic acne. male or female

PLAN 2 budgeted: This is a plan that my general doctor, myself, and aesthetician have come up with that will be much easier on the pockets. Some of the things I have tried in the past ( even before the plan above) and I know they work, and some of them are new so I can not really say. Please don't discredit it just b/c it is cheaper, many drug companies manipulate products so that they may charge more, that are really no better than the old school ones. I also jump started this all with a micropeel/dermabrasion that cost 75$ but was a b-day gift, I'm tracking those results in my other blog...

1. Erythromicn topical 2% cream in the am. 26$ a tube (not sure of canadas price, usually half) followed(after totally dry) by a layer of BP 2.5% 8$ I added the bp just because there is a much more expensive topical that is erythro plus bp already mixed and it is 140$( a friend is using it and looks great) so I say why not add it on my own?

2. doxycycline oral pills 100 mg 2x day. cost FREE my pharmacy gives antibiotics that are cheap out for free! This stuff has worked in the past for me and you just can not beat free. I did stop taking it b/c I got yeast infections but I plan to prevent it by going really hard on the probiotics , just eatting yogurt at least twice a day. note: I would never ever start an antibiotic without taking a probiotic or eatting yogurt please trust me on this one.

3. tretinion cream start at .025% and moving up to.1%. I haven't gotten this script, I know the price of the .o25% is 38$, canada 20$. my aesthetician realy pushed for this to be added and said go as strong as you can as far as percentage.

Thats it! I will let you know the progress, I am also going to post how to get drugs from canada, and a few more things

I 've learned to navigate a cheaper route esp dealing with scripts, doctors, and canadian drugs..... hope this helps... shoot me any questions, and if anyone as used topical erythromicn I would love to hear about it as this is the only newbee on my list....


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