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Day 2 Post Microderm Plus Micropeel

Okay so today is day one of recovery from micropeel and microdermabrasion, and if you were hoping for some amazing results as was I, they have yet to come. BUT, to be fair, nothing works over night, so I am not thowing in the towel just yet.

What it looks like today:

red raised marks( what it typically looks like if you pop a pimple) and alot of dark brownish red flat scab type of marks where the most severe acne is/was. my pores do look much smaller, but that exciting mega peel that she spoke of hasn't happened yet, not even one tiny flake. She said to wait a few days to start back on my normal topical routine so I will start that tomorrow.

Tomorrow I have two yes two birthday parties to go to. One is at a house with pregnant women and new moms who I am guessing will not be dressed to the nines ( what does that expression mean anyway). The second is at a hibachi place(if anyone has a good excuse? I would welcome it!!!??) , I think I will skip it, too much public involved in that one, when my face looks like I am healing from getting to close to a blow torch( maybe not quite that bad) this will be the true test of my bare minerals make up if it can cover this up it can do anything.


Hey I've had microdermabrasion and peels done about 5 times a few years ago by an esthetician, and what I remember is just breaking out after. I went a few times before accutane, and then once or twice post accutane. Still same thing. Breakout.

I have very sensitive skin, and I don't remember peeling from the "pumpkin" peel. She wouldn't leave it on longer than like 5 minutes because I was paranoid I would burn my skin.

Anyways, my point is that looking back, I would not get micro or a peel done when I have active acne. I think all it does is irritate it more, which leads to further acne. At this point, I want to make sure I am clear for at least a month (hmm might be hard to accomplish) until I try that stuff again. Maybe I'll just get a nice facial.

So I hope that this works for you, or if your skin is telling you to stop, then you should listen to it :) Good luck!

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thanx for the info. I have no clue if it helped or not because I also started on an intense regimen of prescriptions right after that and I have seen a lot of clearing. So long story short, I have no clue what helped!

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