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Glamorized : My Experience With Microdermabrasion And Micropeel



Soooo today I went for a microdermabrasion(mda from now on) and a micropeel. This place was gorgous with waterfalls indoors , giant spacious rooms, chic chairs and leather couches, and one of those single cup coffee machines. So I made myself a single cup of tasty chai and sat down in my chic thousand dollar chair reading their booklet entitled" what we can do for you"..... . i was getting sucked in I just knew it..

The cost: 75$ express microdermabrasion, 0$ micropeel( usually 90$ but she gave it to me for free to try it as she wants me to get them once a month after this.)

The procedures:

During the mda she did something that felt like someone was sticking duct tape to your face and then quickly pulling it off. she then did extractions, I don't know if this is typical of a mda or not. an extraction is when someone professional pops pimples for you, and let me tell you this shit hurt. then we did the peel which was 30% salicylic acid. she braced me for what she thought would be painful but i didn't find it to be that bad. then she put soothing gel on and that was about it. before she did any of this she asked if I was going anywhere for the next few days because my face would peel pretty bad. I said no( a lie) and was actually very excited about my face peeling.She recommended I get the peel once a month, and at this point I was completely hypnotized and would have done anything she told me to(these places have this effect on me) but thankfully my pocketbook intervened before I snatched up the amazing package deal for 360$.

so i left, with a bonus perscription for trention 1% cream that she suggested.( they had a nurse practitionar on site who just gave it to me-awesome). this really made my day,

The verdict:

so far i feel no pain and am seeing no peeling. what i do see is a super red and inflamed face from all the pimple popping.I am going to track the next few days to see if this is worth the money and pain.


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