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Heya guys. So I'm in my second month of accutane. Still in the 20mg. I only have 3 active pimples, and they currently reside just a bit beside my lips. They are tiny and not noticable at all. Everything are just scars. Redness on my cheeks. But overall, everything is smooth. I love it. I stopped putting any "crap" on my face. Which means no concealer or blush. I actually don't care anymore. I'm in high school and everything has been super busy. Everyone looks like crap in the morning anyway. Luckily, my redness does not show too much. My hair is always down which covers partly of it. My face has improved much much more.

Cons? Yes. I will not be wearing any mascara for a little while. I think my lashes have been extremely sensitive; thus, they have been falling off. Not randomly though, whenever I remove my mascara, I also remove some of my lashes, which scares the HELL OUT OF ME. I definitely know for sure that it is not the mascara itself. I've been using the same mascara before accutane for quite awhile. So I doubt it's the mascara's doing. And no, I don't excessively rub my eyes causing them to detach.

My lips are alright so far. They toned down a bit. I bought new lip balms. They are both Blistex. One is Daily Conditioning Treatment (DCT) with spf 20. Smells good. I put it on my lips in daytime. Before I go to bed, I apply the Lip Medex, for cold sores, cracked and dry lips. It has a hint of mint in it. I think it's very effective. They have both been very moisturizing.

So yeah. That's an update. I'm in a rush. sorry.

Oh. Here is a picture of my face against the sunlight. It doesn't really show much, I apologize. I will take a better picture later on. I haven't had the time to take any proper clear pictures. And this is before my 3 active pimples. I also covered my eyes for privacy reasons. I'm a paranoid child.


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