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Am I Really This Crazy?



At 31 you would think that what other people think about you wouldn't and shouldn't really matter all that much.

One last look in the rear view, a small whimpy sigh and i was headed into the danger zone, work. I had done some damage to a smallish bump next to my nose this morning (why i think attempting to pop a zit will make one of these bad boys more appealing is beyond me) and I felt like i was walking through the cubicle village with a bullseye on my face. Avoiding eye contact, slithering into my ergonomically correct blue swivel chair, and cranking my ipod, i felt safe, but in constant danger of being found out. "No, i don't wanna get a coffee with you, can't you see I have a pimple?"... "what do you mean I have to go to that meeting, have you seen my face?".."can't you all stop talking to me, i just wanna be left in my cube so i can obsess over my debilitating condition alone" ....then it hit me..."dude, stop being a whiney pathetic little bitch and get on with it". I don't know where it came from, but I'm glad it came and it was time it came. I've always been fairly confident, social, happy etc., but for a couple of months my acne has become more of a daily mental struggle. Something clicked today, finally. So I avoided mirrors until I got home from work, took a look and you know what...it ain't that bad. I got three "activities" taking up some real estate on my face and it ain't that big of a deal.

Yeah, I know my little mental victory seems trivial, but its my blog and i'll whine if i want to.

Now onto some chinese takeout and ridiculous television.


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Unblvbl, I discovered this entertaining blog WAY before you did. But 's ok, I'm willing to share.....

But to be honest, i'm using the "of COURSE i can't meet you for a coffee, I've got a pimple" excuse next time I can't be arsed going out to meet a friend. What can people say to that excuse? Nothing right? OMG, its so perfect...

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How did you not tell me about it?! I though we were friends!

I just tend to rely on the ole "of COURSE I can't meet you for a coffee, I just can't be arsed" excuse... Too honest?

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the "i've got a pimple excuse" is pretty versatile, the only time it hasn't gone favorably was "Of course my rent is gonna be late....I have a pimple!"...#mental

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It didnt work for the rent excuse? Now thats a little surprising. Hmmm...are you sure you actually POINTED to the pimple at the appropriate moment? I think the pointing is essential when using the acne excuse in extreme circumstances. I believe a bit of practicing is in order. Try it again next week and let us know how you get on....

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