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Day 20



Well, quite proud of myself yesterday as I opened the door to the delivery man and had NO MAKEUP on!!

Don't know who got the biggest shock; him, at the sight of me or me for actually doing it. I did hesitate at first

but then though, what the hell, and opened the door. And today my friend came round, again no make up and the

door bell went so I asked her would she mind getting the door and she did but shouted me as it was another

delivery which needed a signature so I had no choice but to do the deed again, felt a ding but there you go, at least

I did it!!

Well, skin today is feeling very dry and got quite a few whiteheads along nose and chin and around my lips

but nothing too bad. Still quite red/salmon colour but at least it's fading so we're on the right tracks

Well, 'till tomorrow.....................


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