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Day 29



So the days all kind of blur together now -- the changes are gradual, but they're definitely happening! Over the past few days, the blackheads have diminished greatly. Every time I look in the mirror, there seems to be less of them. About an hour ago, I decided to do an olive oil/honey treatment on my hair and scalp (the itchiness is mostly gone, but the dryness is still crazy) and then thought it might be a good idea to rub some of the oil/honey on my face and neck. I started gently massaging the warm oil into my skin, and the blackheads started just falling out. I did that for about 4 or 5 minutes, then used a hot wet rag to gently rub the oil off. Omgosh y'all, my skin feels soooo soft, smooth and moisturized. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone dealing with the awful dryness that comes with accutane.

As I'm typing, I have my hair wrapped up in a hot towel, letting the oil soak in. I've done this several times over the past week and a half, and it definitely seems to help a ton with the dry/itchy scalp. I probably look a little ridiculous, but hey, I'm the only one home, so who cares.

On a more humorous note, earlier I was watching Tv and heard a strange noise downstairs which freaked me out. I called out but didn't get an answer, then all the sudden the neighbors dog rounds the corner. I almost had a heart attack. Apparently my dad had left the front door cracked, and the dog decided to come into the warm house, and up the stairs for a visit. I may or may not have recovered at this point.

As for any other issues, nothing too bad has been going on -- no new breakouts. The only complaints I have are that my lips are getting worse... not to the point of being painful, but definitely a nuisance. If I go more than an hour without applying something on them, they get all dry, cracked and gross. Also my bones kinda hurt? That sounds so weird, but I'm not quite sure how else to explain it... nothing awful, but it is annoying.

I only have a few pills left -- my next dermatologist appointment is on Thursday. I'm hoping he'll keep me on the 40mgs, as the side effects have been pretty minimal, yet I feel like awesome changes have been happening.

Hope everybody's having a great week!

~ Britt

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I'm doing olive oil on my hair tonight :) I think I'll try it on my skin as well! It's good to hear things are going well for you!

My joints/bones hurt too, most people experience that sort of thing. Drink alot of water and avoid strenuous exercise, though I'm sure you've heard all of that before.

good luck!

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