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Week 4



ANCE: My skin is pretty much the same as last week, blemish wise. Still have some, but not too much. However, my skin is SO MUCH SOFTER. It's crazy. I'm so happy! ALSO have some weird things coming out. I'll have like tiny tabs sticking out of a pore. I had one near my nose on my cheek and it'd been there forever. It was really weird! I got tweezers and pulled it out of my face! EW WTF, I KNOW. It was hard too. It was like a weird hard pellet. Sorry to be disgusting. And I had another one on my chin. No idea what it is..but they leave an empty pore so..yay? Also the black heads on my nose are just kind of falling out. Super happy.

SIDE EFFECTS: Nothing really new! My cetaphil cream is keeping me really moisturized as it gets colder out. It does a great job! Lips, eh, nothing awful. My skin is kind of dry all over though, but in the same way it does every winter. My hair has decreased it's shedding by a considerable amount this week. I hope it'll stop for good!

HOW I'M FEELIN: Better. I had a few bad days in the past week, but I'm a lot more positive right now. I watched The Secret last night and that put my emotions in check. I don't know if I completely buy into all of their theories, but I defiantly think positive thinking can help in any situation.

Getting my blood drawn tomorrow and going to the derm on friday...unsure if I want to up my dosage but I think I will? I'm 40 mg every other day right now so I think maybe 40 everyday might be okay? I was supposed to go to 60 everyday this month, but sorry, that isn't happening...Side effects aren't unbearable as of now, and I'll be on break pretty soon so I can suffer the new wave of agony in the comfort of my home ;)


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