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Day 32- Spiro



Wow, I have been feeling poorly. I have been battling a cold, but on weds I had osme crazy stomach virus or something. I'll spare the details, but it was unpleasant. Fast track to today- I still feel crummy. Now hubby has the cold. Luckily, our little one has been spared from the wrath of the devil, however, his attitude as of late has me reconsidering the possibility.

Big news? Bigger than anything that has to do with my face? I start working on thursday. Awesomeness. Though the not-so-awesome part is that little one will have to spend a whole day without his mum. Archgh! It is heart-wrenching. My days have been filled with him, and now they will be filled with data entry and accounting :( Im a bit worried, but I think im also excited. Excited for the paycheck, that is, not for dropping my son into the arms of someone who Ive known for many many years.... which you would think that would make one more comfortable. The downside to that, is that over those many many years, there haven't been many mature experiences. Or legal, for that matter. But it will be okay. They have a girl who is about 5 months older than my wee one, and he loves it. Hubby states, for my reassurance, "Well, they have kept theirs alive for this long...."

He is such a wonderful hubby.

Now, back to my face, because I know that's what you are allllll waiting for!

Its wonderful. Still not clear, but what is happening are just small things. Im all bumpy though. Dormant things. Just waiting to creep up. And not necessarily ALL bumpy.... just my under-chin-neck area, which has been the issue prone area. Atleast there isnt anything big going on though. Id say my skin has improved by 85% since I started this blog. I hope its the spiro working. I hope I hope. Now, it hasnt done anything to get rid of my man-stache, or my hair falling out..... but maybe in due time.


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