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Day #3



Hi all, sorry I didn't post the last couple days, I got super busy with work and holiday stuff that I forgot. So today is actually day 5 of the pill being in my system but only the 3rd pill since I have been taking them every other day. (Starting this Thursday 12/8 I will be on 40mg per day).

So after pill #2 I woke up Saturday morning with 3 new pimples (2 on the forehead and one on my left temple area). The one on my temple was sort of cyst like, but the two on my forehead seemed to be screaming to pop already. So I popped the two on the forehead (BAD I know, I did it that night before bed) but I pop them with a sterile needle after I wash my face so they don't bleed very much. The formed a small scab that night and are almost gone 2 days later, however I will most likely be left with red marks.

Today (Monday) I have noticed that my pimples haven't been healing as quickly on the left side of my chin and left cheek. The right side of my face is clear except for red marks so I look a little uneven at the moment. I am not sure if the accutane has something to do with that or if it's just randomly happening.

Side effects: I haven't really noticed anything crazy yet. My skin is still very oily and my lips don't seem chapped, but then again I wouldn't really know since I am an obsessive chapstick wearer by nature. The thing I have noticed lately is that my nose is really dry inside and it doesn't bleed but when I blow it there is dried blood that comes out. This, however, could also be from the ridiculous Santa Ana winds we have been having and the really dry air.

So that's the update this far, I will update again tomorrow night (Tuesday) after I take pill #4. Wish me luck! Hope everyone is doing well :)


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Nothing worse than a dry inside nose! I get that with summer allergies and I feel like ripping my nose off. Sounds like it's early days for you but I hope it all goes smoothly.

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