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96 Days!- 'instinct' And The Other Dog.



I’ve spent the day sleeping and soaking. We ran out of bubble bath so I squirted a ton of my brother's Lynx (Axe) shower gel into the tub. I lay in there for so long that it must have seeped right into my skin because, 2 hours later, I still smell like a teenage boy. The stench is so strong it burns my nasal passages. It's not even one of the nicer editions of Lynx. It's called 'Instinct'-what instinct, repulsion? Fear? I cannot describe how much I hate this smell. If you had to pick a smelly, why not buy one of those French colognes? They even sound sexy; Givenchy, Bleu de Chanel...Baguette? I don't know any more.

Oh, and like I promised, a picture of my other dog, Jake:


He's a Bitsa (bits-a this and bits-a that), no idea what breeds his parents were but we think perhaps he has Collie genes in there somewhere.

My skin feels really good at the minute. The texture of my skin changes a lot because of accutane, so one day it's hot, sweaty and very porey, and then a few days later it feels soft and clearer. It has felt clear for a few weeks now, so I'm hoping this is a permanent transition. I think my red marks are calming down too, they're more pink than red, and I can actually see my freckles again, I forgot I had so many! I find I'm able to look into a mirror and not feel totally repulsed by the reflexion. It's weird, because I can actually see my face properly, the face that was hidden beneath layers of acne for years and years. The last time I saw my face without spots I would've been 13 or something. Really looking forward to a near-clear christmas complexion :dance:


Recommended Comments

Ha ha, my personal favourite is Africa Lynx products. But it's difficult. At what point does one transition from Lynx to a more 'adult' deodorant? It plagues me, should I move to the Rexona line, or something more gauche like Brute? Or perhaps I should just wear cheap cologne all the time like some sort of player. That could work. Sex Panther, here I come.

I like Jake. He looks like a fun dog? I also like that you didn't give him a typical dog's name. I hate that.

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Jake it cute! I'm not sure about the collie genes, but he sure looks like he has a decent dose of Australian Kelpie in there! His chest, legs and shape are ringers for an Aussie working dog, and the black, tan and white patterns are very kelpie. There's something else in there too, but I can't put my finger on it yet...

Ugh, Lynx, the choice of fourteen-year-old boys everywhere. It really should be outlawed. I'm not a huge fan of a man smelling like chemicals anyway. The smell of a clean man is all I need, so I prefer the soap-smelling deodorants. Or a guy that smells like freshly-washed clothes... Mmm.

Yay! Congrats on the skin, have you posted a pictorial update?

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I never used to mind Lynx, but now I associate it with young teenage boys/ cocky men. If you're thinking of making the change, have a sniff of Joop Go, it is so nice! I often wish I was a man, just so I could wear it. Actually, I know a girl who said she'd only go on a date with her current boyfriend if he wore the stuff. It's The Holy Grail of overpriced, perfumy stuff. My brother used to wear it, but then he made the transition to old man colognes and now he smells like fly spray (which is great in the summer, we never get any midges at our BBQs) Sex Panther- Works 60% of the time, every time!

He's a very fun dog, and I called him Jake because I was obsessed with the Tweenies when we bought him, and Jake from the Tweenies is orange. It was that or 'Scooby-Doo', but my mam refused to shout that down the field...

Just looked up the Australian Kelpie and there is an uncanny resemblance (especially when he was younger and his colouring was more obvious) The Pet shop owner said he was a Jack Russell, but we realised she lied when he didn't stop growing haha. Could be some JR in there; his head is tiny and he's very excitable.

I'm disgusted to say that I'm one of those girls that would be attracted to a nice smelling man, even if he looked like Sloth from the Goonies. I think smell is one of my dominant senses, so that's probably why. However, there is a limit to the amount of smells he wears, if he crosses that limit it's a bit off-putting, i.e. if you choke/have an asthma attack in his presence, it's a bit too much.

I'll upload a picture of my skin soon :)

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Ooh, i do like Jake a lot....but Lynx? Not so much. In fact I also link that smell to teenage boys, just the same as Impulse to teenage girls.

I agree with unblvbl, I'm not a huge fan of men smelling too strongly of cologne, I like the freshly showered smell with a small amount of deodorant. Mmm Mmm....

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Ha ha, don't fear people. I don't constantly wear Lynx, in fact I rarely wear deodorant; but come summer I will have to. Yes, I don't mind Joop. I used to wear it, but a really feral guy I knew also used to wear it. So I now associate it with singlets and ear piercings.

Yeah, I agree, impulse is kind of gross. But it always has good memories of high school and my sister and some of her friends attached to it. So when I do smell it, it normally makes me happy (damn the position of the olfactory gland and it's association with the amygdala).

I now feel all concerned for your delicate sensibilities. I will have to find something that smells soapish and not old-manish. (maybe Dove) ha ha. That way, when you're viewing my blog you feel enticed to stay because I'll have clean hair, clean teeth and smell of soap. :P

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Oh yeah, Jake is so Australian. I thought that when I first saw him. But I couldn't think of the name of the breed. So that's definitely one awesome dog you have there.

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Yup, Jake's a little aussie. Our Charlotte looks aussie too, even though she's from Liverpool and still barks with a scouse accent (poor thing).

And don't worry, I imagine all my spotty friends as having exceptional personal hygiene. Otherwise I wouldnt read your blogs :)

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Om you rarely wear deodorant? Wow. That's unusual, for this climate. And it's already summer!

I used to wear those salt-crystal deodorants (such a hippie, what a conundrum), but they don't stop the sweating, just the build-up of bacteria, and you need to constantly reapply in this climate. So I gave up and started wearing the super aluminium (al-you-min-ee-um) rich ones, so that even if I die from aluminium toxicity at least I'll die with my dignity (or dry underarms, since knowing my luck it'll be when I'm hit by a bus wearing my daggiest tracky dacks or something).

Ugh, Impulse. Why must it be applied with such gusto? When it comes to deodorant (not antiperspirant), less is more. But I must admit I too fell to peer pressure in early high-school, and I remember going to the shops with the girls, smelling dozens of different flavours to find "The One". Ah, memories.

Char's a Liverpudlian? Haha! Cute. Yes, general consensus is Jake is an Aussie. Time for him to come back home? ;)

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Lol, I've never had "you smell" complaints before, and my friends are pretty blunt. Plus I rarely leave my desk at the moment (I am a hermit!) and it's not 30 degrees (it's cold!) yet so I don't exactly sweat over doing nothing. I generally think the less deodorant the better. My art teacher used to say that she'd rather smell BO, than inhale a terrible mix of chemicals that destroys the environment, that others are allergic to, and is possibly carcinogenic. She used to punish any student that dare put deodorant on during her class. And I kind of agree. As long as you're washing regularly...But once it's hotter I'll wear some, just so I don't offend others' senses. ;)

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